Misha B @ Cargo 1st August 2012

Originally I had another gig booked on this date but unfortunately that got rescheduled due to XOYO being refurbished. But I had a thirst for live music and I was yearning to see something else. I then took to Songkick which is the best place to find out who is playing where. When searching gigs taking place on 1st August I then came across Misha B (or Misha Bryan as she is known) whom was playing at Cargo in Shoreditch. I arrived for this at 7pm as Cargo isn’t really a venue where you have to queue. This evening was going to be a late one as the 1st act Purple Ferdinand took to the sage at 9pm and The Bakery Boys were on 40 minutes after that. Well Purple Ferdinand started her set around 10 minutes late and The Bakery Boys were on for 10 minutes longer than their 20 minutes that they had been allotted. Aside from all that I enjoyed both supports.

It was around 10.50 when Misha took to the stage. For those that don’t know Misha was a contestant on the the last series of The X Factor. She reached the semi final but the allegations of bullying from both Tulisa and Louis Walsh damaged her chances of winning. February 2012 she signed to Relentless Records and offered Mixtape Why Hello World as a free download on her official website. She has also been confirmed as support for the one and only Nicki Minaj on the UK leg of the Pink Friday: Reloaded tour. “Who’s ready to party in here tonight” Misha said the moment she came onto the stage. The 1st song of the evening was Last Forever which was taken from the Why Hello World Mixtape. The style of her music is a mixture of hip hop and soul with added raps. Last Forever was an incredible song which Bryan belted effortlessly. Her vocals literally blew me away. It actually reminded me of Rihanna. It was then cover time. “This next song is one of my favourite songs” Misha said before introducing her guitarist. What followed was an acoustic version of Unpretty which was a hit for TLC. Now Bryan owned this song and added in the odd rap or two. This was a beautiful song which conveys a message. “This next song is going to be my 2nd single. This is going to be my 1st time performing it. This song is quite personal to me. I kind of talk about my emotions as a child and just kind of missing my birth mum” Bryan said before launching into Do You Think Of Me? I really liked this song and I can see it doing really well in the charts. The lyrics were so meaningful and Misha delivered them faultlessly. “Any of you guys remember my F-64 on SB:TV?” Misha said to the audience before getting stuck into her original freestyle and this being the upbeat F-64. “This track is dedicate to all the dreamers out there” Bryan said before Big Dreaming. Like F-64 this was a short song which sounded superb. Its lyrics were fantastic and they also conveyed a strong message which was never give up on your dreams. “This song has to be my favourite song of 2012. I just love the artist. I love it that much that I decided to do a rendition” Misha said before saying that she went to Hackney Weekend. This was the penultimate song and it was yet another cover. This being No Church In The Wild which was originally sung by Kanye West. The tune was stripped back and her vocals were extremely powerful. Misha owned this song and put her own individual twist on it by adding additional raps. “Unfortunately this is the last one. How many of you guys have heard début single Home Run? Judging from that applause I guess you guys like it” she then said before ending with Home Run which charted at #11 in the UK Singles Chart. This song was a mixture of hip hop, R&B and electropop. Home Run is a fantastic tune which was extremely catchy. At first it started as a ballad then it got more energetic when the song progressed.


Last Forever
Do You Think Of Me?
Big Dreaming
No Church In The Wild
Home Run

OVERALL: I was impressed with what I heard. Misha is a true talent who has a promising career ahead of her. If those allegations weren’t made on The X Factor I honestly think she could of won the contest. But sometimes artists who don’t win do better than the winners. I look forward to hearing the debut album and also the Nicki Minaj support slot will do her wonders.


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