Alexandra Burke @ Victoria Park 2nd August 2012

Alexandra Burke won the 5th series of The X Factor and has released 2 studio albums Overcome (which charted at #1) and Heartbreak On Hold which was released this June. 2012 London hosted the Olympics and BT announced London Live. This being a series of free music events which took place at Hyde Park and Victoria Park. Most of this dates involved well known artists. When seeing the list of artists that were playing I decided to make my way down to Victoria Park for what would be a double header of Alexandra Burke.

I had expected it to be busy but this wasn’t to be the case. Once I had reached the park and got to the entrance there was a queue of people waiting to get in. However I only took a matter of 5 minutes to get access to the venue. Victoria Park was on a smaller scale compared to its counterpart Hyde Park. There was just one music stage to start off with. I could of taken a walk round the park but instead I decided to wait at the barrier for when Alexandra Burke took to the stage.

The set started around 4.10pm and Alexandra took to the stage by herself to a rapture of applause and screams. “How you guys doing? Think you know the words to this song” Burke then said before kicking off the set with Overcome track Broken Heels. This was an electro pop/ dance track which was very up tempo. Broken Heels can easily get you moving about and I especially liked the middle 8. “How you guys feeling? So make some noise people for Team GB. I’m going to keep this set up tempo” Alexandra said before the 1st single Elephant which was taken from Heartbreak On Hold. This electro pop tune completely captivated me and it was delivered powerfully with a thumping beat. You could easily rock out to this song. “So this next one is my latest single and I want to see your hands in the air” Burke said before Let It Go. This tune is about letting go of life’s stresses. The genre of this song was a mixture of dance pop and house. Still Alexandra got through this song at ease and literally belted it out with every ounce of energy. “Any Bad Boys in Victoria Park today?” Alexandra said after catching her breathe. It was then onto Bad Boys. This song is extremely energetic and catchy at the same time. The chorus was powerful, plus you can dance along to it.


Broken Heels
Let It Go
Bad Boys

OVERALL: At only 4 songs I couldn’t be disheartened. Thinking about it some fans may have been upset with how short it was. But you have to realise it was free so don’t expect full sets. This was the 3rd time I had witnessed Burke live and I was left satisfied with what I had heard. This was a feel good set and the new songs were incredible live (well Let It Go was I previously heard Elephant live earlier in the year).


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