Alexandra Burke @ Hyde Park 2nd August 2012

Once I had seen Alexandra Burke perform at Victoria Park I then took the trip to Hyde Park. Now this was to see Burke again. I was already out so why end it at Victoria Park? Plus these events were free. Once I reached the Park there was the expected queue then once in I made my way to the main stage. The music was to take place right at the end of Hyde Park making it a good 5-10 minute walk to get there. Around Hyde Park there were 4 giant screens showing the BBC coverage of the Olympics. One of these screens was at the main stage. Which resulted in the people who were at the front watching everything. Prior to getting to Hyde Park I thought there was no way I would get anywhere near the front. By this time it was around 5pm. But there were plenty of people sitting down resulting in plenty of gaps. So I found space at the front then sat down to watch the Olympics.

By the time Alexandra Burke was on I was at the barrier half way up the small catwalk. I had been 2nd row but there were quite a few people who came to see Lawson (the band on before) play. Prior to her performance was Lizzie Armitstead who had a short interview and showed off the medal that started our medal rush. At 8.30pm the massive screen split in two to reveal Alexandra’s band then Alexandra. I must say the stage looked quite amazing seeing it for the first time. Heartbreak On Hold which is the title of the current album opened up the set. Now this was a dance pop tune and the vocals were powerful. This was a song that can get you moving and it definitely oozed energy. Its lyrics were superb. “How you guys feeling? I just got to say a couple of words it has been my dream to perform in Hyde Park. I’m so excited to be here with you all” Burke said before getting stuck into the 1st single from Heartbreak On Hold and this being Elephant. This was an electro dance pop number with house elements. This song makes you want to punch the air continuously to the beat. Burke actually co wrote this amazing track and it was a right crowd pleaser. “Do you guys remember my 1st ever single? I want to see some hands in the air with this one” Alexandra said before singing the song that made her. Hallelujah is a Leonard Cohen song which Burke released after winning The X Factor. It came as no surprise that this song secured Xmas #1 in 2008. Now this was a beautiful swooning ballad which was sung sublimely. It actually turned into a massive sing along. I kept on thinking she would be joined by a gospel choir but this didn’t happen. “We’re going to speed things up now. This next one was my recent single” she then said before singing Let It Go. This was to be the penultimate song of the evening. This was a combination of dance pop and house which was a combination which worked perfectly. Alexandra sung this up tempo number with every ounce of energy. It was a shame that this song did not achieve the success that Elephant achieved. Things then drew to a close with the infectious Bad Boys.


Heartbreak On Hold
Let It Go
Bad Boys

OVERALL: I wont lie but I was left disappointed. Not with the performance Alexandra was phenomenal but my problem was with how short the set was. Burke was built as a BT London Live Hyde Park head liner but only played a matter of 25 minutes. Lawson who were the band before her played around 9 songs compared to Burke’s 5 and they were on for longer. Once she went off stage after having delivered Bad Boys to perfection there were people asking security if there was an encore to come. Maybe I’m just being greedy, it was a free event as well.


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