Elissa Franceschi @ The Bedford 31st July 2012

The Bedford played host to something special. This was to be an invite only gig where the line up had been shrouded in secrecy. I wanted to attend this event because I always knew that Elissa Franceschi would be playing. It was back in 2009 when Elissa came onto my radar as she performed Always Attract with her brother Josh Franceschi as You Me At Six supported Paramore at Wembley Arena. I first saw Elissa perform at the start of this year supporting Scarlette Fever. Literally I was bowled over by the songs that she had under her belt and I thought Wow this girl has got something. Ever since then I have been following Franceschi’s music and witnessing her perform in London at every opportunity I had.

I arrived around the time doors opened only to find out they were still sound checking. I then waited around then went down the stairs to grab my seat. Now this was to be Elissa’s last London date for a while. Next on her agenda was an Olympics gig at Olympic Park which would see her perform 4 times.

8.30pm came and the band had taken to the stage and started the introduction to rip roaring First Week Of June. I found its melody to very catchy and the bridge was literally amazing. The lyrics were superb and Elissa powered through this number at ease. “Evening. Thanks for having us again” Franceschi said before the next tune on the set. I would have to say that this is one of favourite songs from Into The Light. Franceschi was a powerhouse delivering this song to perfection. Becoming The Enemy was extremely upbeat and had plenty of attitude. Its lyrics were both amazing and infectious as well. “This is a new song and it’s going to be on the new EP. Which is written it’s finished 4 songs” Elissa said before her brand new cut. Dust has a soft melody which was ever so entrancing. The lyrics gel to it perfectly. At first it starts off like a ballad then it got stronger as it progressed. Once over Franceschi introduced her incredible band one by one. “I’m shooting a music video for this next week. I’m really really excited about it” she then said after referring to Salt. On her current album Into The Light her brother Josh duets with her. Still this beautiful song was rather gentle and Franceschi’s vocals were rather smooth. “This next song is about a guy I met when I was about 17. He was a sailor and he quite literally sailed in and out of my life” Elissa said before the pacey and energetic Elliot. This tune was a real audience pleaser. Now its lyrics were sublime especially the  catchy chorus. Franceschi then made her way to the keyboard to play Below which featured on the first EP Touch. This was a soft ballad which had tinges of sadness. I rather liked the fact that this song started off stripped down (with the fact it was just Elissa and her keyboard) and this showed off her impeccable vocals. Then the rest of the band came in to add that extra oomph. “Thank you guys. We’ve had a great great night. This is our last song” she then said before signing off with the title track from her current album and this being Into The Light. The lyrics were incredible/ infectious, the harmonising was spot on and it was also rather pacey.


First Week Of June
Becoming The Enemy
Into The Light

OVERALL: Elissa Franceschi is a talented individual backed by a phenomenal band. She already has 3 releases to her name Touch, I Hold My Breath and Into The Light with the genre being the perfect infusion of pop and rock. After witnessing the fantastic set it makes me look forward to the new EP. Dust sounds phenomenal and I look forward to hearing the mastered version on the forthcoming release.


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