Laetitia Sadier @ Rough Trade East 27th July 2012

Laetitia Sadier is a French musician and 1/5 of UK Indie Rock band Sterolab. Since they went on indefinite hiatus in 2009 Laetitia embarked on a solo career. In 2010 she released her first offering which was The Trip and 2012 saw the release of the sophomore album Silencio.

I was hearing Sadier’s music for the 1st time. I basically attended this in store on a whim as I have a desire to listen to artists I have never heard of before. This in store was slightly earlier as things kicked off at 6.30pm. Usually Rough Trade close the shop an hour before the time which was listed. But this evening the shop didn’t close which ended up with me hovering near the front. When 6.30pm people started to stand in the area waiting for the evening to start.

“Hello, I’m glad you could make it. Are we all here? So I have a few new songs for you tonight and maybe a couple of old ones too. We’re going to start with Find Me The Pulse Of The Universe. It’s about Mathematics. I thought it would be a nice subject in terms of opening up to possibilities and getting away from the doom and gloom” Sadier said as soon as she took to the stage. The set then started with the opening track to the new album and this being Find Me The Pulse Of The Universe. This song was about recognising the world of possibilities. The style of the music stuck to the same genre and this being Indie Rock. I found this song to be rather luscious and it was delivered at a fast pace. “This is an older song” Laetitia said before the pacey Ceci Est Le Couer which appeared on debut album The Trip. I found this song to be rather entrancing. Maybe it was down to the fact she was singing in French. “How about another new song. This one’s about fire. About our inner fire” Sadier said after she had delivered Ceci Est Le Couer. The next tune of the evening was Lightning Thunderbolt. This song is a grower. When I was standing watching her sing this song I didn’t think that much of it but when it progressed I started to get into it. “I’m going to sing you the overly political one now. I didn’t strictly write those lyrics, I merely translated them from someone who spoke who the radio” Sadier then said before the start of the political section of the set. Auscultation To The Nation was very up tempo and I rather liked its lyrics. “Since we’re on the subject of politics I’m going to play you The Rule Of The Game. It was inspired by the movie of the same name” Laetitia then said before diving into The Rule Of The Game. This was named after the beautifully light Jean Renoir film The Rules Of The Game. The Rule Of The Game was beautiful and rather powerful at the same time. “Next time you see me I’ll be with the band I hope” she then said also revealing she hadn’t practiced and next time she would of practiced. It was then onto Silent Spot and this number was rather light and spellbinding as well. “I’m going to sing you a Stereolab song. How about that?” Laetitia said before treating the audience with International Colouring Contest. This was a short steady paced song which which was delivered perfectly. “It’s about people with very hard hearts” Laetitia said before introducing the haunting Statues Can Bend. “OK The Swim because tomorrow I’m going swimming” Sadier then mentioned to the audience. The Swim was the number which closed the night and I found it to be rather sweet and dreamy.


Find Me The Pulse Of The Universe
Ceci Est Le Couer
Lightning Thunderbolt
Auscultation To The Nation
The Rule Of The Game
Silent Spot
International Colouring Contest
Statues Can Bend
The Swim


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