Delilah @ Fopp 30th July 2012

Taking place at London’s Fopp store was an in store which was rather special. The artist that was performing was Paloma Stoecker or Delilah as she is known. Debut album From The Roots Up had just been released and what was to be performed was a short and sweet stripped back set. I decided to turn up at 3.30pm 2 hours before the 5.30pm opening. It may have been slightly but I wanted to be at the front (I don’t even want to think about being a row or 2 back having to stand on tip toes to witness what was being performed live). Around 5pm that is when people started to arrive. In fact there was a big turnout. Once the time arrived people then started to filter downstairs.

“Hello everyone. Thank you so so much for coming everybody. It really does mean a lot. The album came out today. Its been such a long time getting to this point. About 10 years I’ve been writing these tracks. I’m going to give you a little bit of a sing song” Stoecker said to the intimate audience as soon as she graced the floor. Starting proceedings was the current single Inside My Love which was a Minnie Riperton cover. Soul oozed from this song and Paloma’s vocals were incredibly strong. The fact it was fully acoustic made this tune sound both light and smooth. I felt chills going up my spine. “This next one I’m going to do for you is called Breathe. It’s one of the very first songs I ever wrote” Delilah then said before launching into the self hope song Breathe. This song is pretty dark in its subject matter, she sings ‘I cannot breathe’ and talks of her heart unravelling with her innocence being taken away from her. “This is the 1st time I think I’ve ever done an acoustic set with these songs. This is the next one I’m going to do for you, I think it’s the last one I’m going to do for you” she then said before ending with Go. This was the début single and it also takes lyrics from Chaka Khan’s Ain’t Nobody. The song was phenomenal and Delilah sailed through it effortlessly.


Inside My Love

OVERALL: Even though 3 songs were sung I was left fully satisfied with what I heard. This was the perfect introduction to Delilah’s music which showcased 3 of her 4 singles. The vocals were sublime and she breezed through these songs at ease. These stripped back songs worked a treat.

Would I see Delilah again. Based on this I probably would.


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