Peggy Sue @ Dalston Bunker 22nd July 2012

22nd July 2012 saw something rather special and surreal happen. Back in June Peggy Sue announced that they were to play a matinee and evening shows to commemorate the release of the Peggy Sue Play The Songs Of Scorpio Rising. Scorpio Rising being a film that was released in 1963. Being an 80’s child I myself haven’t seen this film so most of the songs I was hearing for the first time (the only song I was familiar with was Hit The Road Jack).

Only 50 tickets for each show were put on sale and as expected they all sold out quite quickly. This then led to a 3rd performance being added at 5.30 later on. Due to the fact I had little internet connection I opted for the afternoon performance at 3pm mainly because I thought it would be the last to sell out. I was actually right I got my ticket without a hitch (the fact there were just 50 tickets did put me under a lot of stress because I kept hoping the connection I had didn’t go down). These 3 shows were all seated and took place at Dalston Bunker (an old World War 2 bunker which is around 60 years old).

So around 3pm people were allowed to trickle inside. Dalston Bunker was extremely damp and also it was very dark. With it taking place underground there was limited lighting and plenty of candles were scattered round the place. It was around 3.15pm they took to the floor and then they blitzed through the soundtrack. There was actually no time for any banter as they were in sync with what was being projected. I rather enjoyed this session, each one of the songs that were performed live were brilliant. But my favourites had to be the opening number Fools Rush In and Hit The Road Jack which was a stunning duet (Katy and Rosa shared the same mic).


Fools Rush In
Wind Up Doll
My Boyfriend’s Back
Blue Velvet
Hit The Road Jack
(Love Is Like A) Heatwave
He’s A Rebel
Party Lights
Point Of No Return
I Will Follow Him


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