Paloma Faith @ Somerset House 18th July 2012

This was the 2nd Summer Series gig attended. This time it was to see the marvellous Paloma Faith. Thankfully a 2nd date was arranged which was good considering I couldn’t attend the 1st as I was seeing Lianne La Havas. The last time I witnessed Paloma was at the Union Chapel last year. Now she was back with the stunning Fall To Grace. Also Faith then later announced the Fall To Grace tour taking place early 2013. I decided to arrive at Somerset House at 2.30pm which was in a way a wrong move as people started to turn up a couple of hours before doors. Still at least I had a front row spot for something which was set to be amazing.

Supporting Paloma this evening was the exceptional Jessie Ware. Initially only one date was announced which sold out and then a 2nd date was added. I managed to snap up a ticket for the 2nd night and there was a different choice of support. This being an emerging starlet who has the potential to make waves. At present Jessie has released 2 singles being 110% and Running. Début album Devotion is unleashed on 20th August.

Now I like having a good punt on new musicians and Jessie Ware was one of them. After having unfortunately missing out on the performance at Brixton’s Plan B this August resulted in me being excited to see this support slot. Jessie took to the stage rather early (it was just after 8pm) and what was showcased was all of the new album barring 1 track. “Hi” Ware said the moment she graced the stage. Opening up this formidable set was the albums title track and this being Devotion. This was a steady electronic pop song and the lyrics were superbly delivered. “My name’s Jessie Ware and this is my band. You probably knew” she then said before another new cut and this being Night Light. This song had infectious lyrics and was rather smooth. The vocal range was incredible and you could tell every ounce of energy was put into it. Following on was the recent single 110%. This tune sampled The Dream Shatterer by rapper Big Punisher. This was a wonderful synth pop song which had lovely luscious lyrics. This tune can easily get you moving and it showcased off Jessie’s stunning vocals. “It’s such an honour to be here. Thank you Paloma. There’s surprises behind there” Ware then said before Still Love Me. This was again another promising tune which ever so lovely. You could sense the energy which was oozing from this performance. “You’re so nice. You’re just really quiet, thank you” Jessie then mentioned to the audience before Wildest Moments. The quietness was a good thing because it shows you that the public were listening to you intently. Still Wildest Moments was a sleek song which lyrics which were delivered at a steady pace. It was then onto Swan Song. This tune was played at a steady pace and the vocals were incredibly strong. Jessie Ware is like a powerhouse who never fails to deliver a song to perfection. Sweet Talk then followed on. This was Part One to Devotion’s début single Running. The song itself was a co write with Julio Bashmore. Sweet Talk was an upbeat song which did exactly as it said on the tin. It was a sweet song and towards the end Jessie introduced the audience to her amazing band. “Thank you for listening so nicely” Ware said before getting stuck into Taking In Water. This was a magical tune and she silenced the whole audience which is unheard of for some support acts I have seen it the past. No To Love was the penultimate song of the set and it is a song that grows on you the more times I hear it. This tune was extremely different compared to what had previously been showcased. Something that impressed me was the fact that Jessie literally belted out this song. “Thank you so much for listening. My name is Jessie Ware. This is our last song” Ware then said before ending with the Bashmore co write Running. Words cannot sum up how amazing this song was. This smoky tune had to be the show piece of the set making Jessie Ware someone you need to look out for.


Night Light
Still Love Me
Wildest Moments
Swan Song
Sweet Talk
Taking In Water
No To Love

Taking to the stage around 9.15pm was the majestic Paloma Faith. The set started with Baby Sol playing a miniature piano that was in the centre of the stage. When Faith came out wearing a blue dress the audience erupted into applause. It was When You’re Gone which was chosen the opening tune. Paloma stood on top of the mini piano delivering this song at ease. When You’re Gone was a beautiful ballad which had a tinge of emotion and a swooning chorus. It was then straight onto Blood, Sweat & Tears. This tune felt like a disco pop number with infectious lyrics. The song was delivered at a fast pace and it was extremely powerful.  “If you know this, get jiggy with it like Will Smith” Paloma said before singing her debut hit Stone Cold Sober. This song has to be the centre piece of Paloma’s single discography. Faith belted out this song and it was pop meets soul. Stone Cold Sober had infectious lyrics that made you want to get your groove on. “Hello Somerset House. You alright London? It’s a home game tonight for me. I was reading some articles today about yesterdays gig cos all artists pretend they that don’t but they all do. Cos actually we do care and somebody said I was part elegant diva part cockney madam. First of all I just like to say thank you all for buying my record and I’m really pleased that you did cos I got to #2. I haven’t got that high before. You’ve got to be in it and I am. So they said I was ambitious in that article as well. Nothing wrong with that. So I’m going to be playing loads of new songs from that and some old ones. Please feel free to sing cos I do love that feeling that we can all make as a collective entity together. If you don’t know the words you can always stick your mobile phone in the air. Create some atmosphere. But back to the misery of my life” Faith then said before getting stuck into another new song and this being Agony. At first it starts of slow but as soon as Paloma reached the chorus things were cranked up a notch. The verses were smooth while the infectious chorus was very up tempo and was belted out at easy. The chorus actually was similar to the chorus of The Killers Mr Brightside. Black & Blue tested out Faith’s extraordinary vocals. This was a lovely steady paced song which was faultlessly delivered. I really liked the superbly written lyrics to this brilliant song. “Lets get a rhythm going. Let me see you clap. If I stop that doesn’t mean you stop. I’ve got a longer dress than all of you so I have to pick up. Are you ready to have a bit of a singathon? I want to teach you how to sing this song and if you’re good then I’m going to take you all on tour with me around the world. Some might say I’m a liar others might say do you want the truth or something beautiful? And what would it be a beautiful thing if we all went around the world together. What do you reckon? So I’m recruiting. The philosophy of it all is, you are us and we are you. That might be a bit deep but I truly believe that” Paloma said to the crowd before the next oldie of the night. This being Upside Down and it involved a lot of audience participation. Upside down was a nice number which can easily have you dancing about to it. When Paloma came down the steps the crowd atmosphere was electric. “You’re amazing, you are hired. We just need to find someone to fund everyone’s tickets. Once we’ve done that I’ll call you all up. Just leave me a massive pile of addresses and names to sift through when I go home” Faith then said. It was then onto another new track from the sophomore album and this being Let Your Love Walk In. This tune was amazing and Faith’s distinctive vocals shone through. It was delivered at a slow pace and went down well with the crowd.

Beauty Of The End was next up and I adored this song. Its lyrics were sublime and it gelled to the melody perfectly resulting in something ever so beautiful. “Is anybody out here in a long term relationship. Before I wrote this song I was listening to lots of love songs and I was thinking these songs sound like the people who wrote them had only been in a relationship for about 3 months. Either that or I’m just unlucky in love because that’s not been my experience. I decided to take it upon myself to write a modern day love song for the people in long term relationships. In the 50’s you would stay with somebody even if you hated them. This is a realistic fairy story for any kids who’ve been reading fairy stories. Please stop. Cos I did and I’ve become very disillusioned” Paloma said before taking on the modern day Just Be. For this song Faith decided to sit on the black piano while singing this wonderful song. For those who haven’t heard this song Just Be is an emotional ballad which sounded beautiful. Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? was next on the night. Now I really love the soulfulness of this song and it was delivered at a steady pace. Straight after it was onto Let Me Down Easy. The soulfulness oozed from this laid back song which was packed with a punch. “I love my job, it’s bloody brilliant. So this next song, I’m pacing like I’m in prison. Thanks for coming over to my front room. This next song is going to be my next single. I’m very excited about it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m doing a bit of a film out of my songs. We have consistent narrative going through. This is the 2nd part of the story and it’s really nice this job actually cos there’s some very good looking boys in those videos and I get to toy with the idea just for a day. And then I have to go back to work. If anybody’s fallen in love with a busker. Have you? Or is that just me? This song is for that busker that I fell in love with when I was 14” Paloma said before singing the next single 30 Minute Love Affair. The song itself was rather promising and both lyrics and melody gelled together creating something really beautiful. I like how you can depict a story from its lyrics. “I love things that wobble and people have like been asking me about this song. Why it didn’t make the record. The reason why is my producer Nellee Hooper thought it didn’t really fit with the rest of the album. It’s quite happy and jolly and the rest is miserable. I’m going to save it for something like a Dove commercial. Not Special K it’s Anti Special K” Faith mentioned before Cellulite. I thought this song was incredible. It was rather quirky and upbeat at the same time. “If you know this song please sing it. It is my last song. But as I said yesterday clapping here is a currency. So if you want to buy more songs. I love clapping it’s like the pure sun. I’m getting a clap tan. That sounds a bit weird. We’re going to go off after this song and it might be the end. Wink wink. I’m just trying to guarantee that we get to come on because we like it so much” Faith then said before rounding off the evening with something from the first album and this being New York. This tune was belted out plus it was also extremely beautiful. The energy flowed from New York and it was a powerful performance. It was no surprise to see that this song was a real crowd pleaser. Nearing the end of the song Paloma came down the steps to sing the song. Once over Faith left the stage. Moments later Paloma then graced the stage for the 1st song of the encore and this being Streets Of Glory. This tune slowly built momentum before reaching a climax. Streets Of Glory was a beautiful epic song which was delivered powerfully. “I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnett. I’ve got a problem with authority. We get very defensive when we’re told what to do. I don’t like being told what to do and I feel like our society that we’ve created for ourselves is all about us being pre occupied with getting up in time for the alarm clock. I wrote this song to celebrate what we could have and what we’ve all got inside everyone of us and that is Freedom” Faith said before Freedom before getting some people up on stage to dance with her. Faith’s vocals were powerful and there was a sense of soul. The band then came in and Freedom picked up pace. Towards the end the confetti cannons showered the audience. “This is the last song for real” Paloma said before capping off the evening with Picking Up the Pieces. Now this song was an uplifting pop song which made me feel good inside. Picking Up The Pieces was an up tempo tune with fantastic well crafted lyrics.


When You’re Gone
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Stone Cold Sober
Black & Blue
Upside Down
Let Your Love Walk In
Beauty Of The End
Just Be
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?
Let Me Down Easy
30 Minute Love Affair
New York


Streets Of Glory
Picking Up the Pieces

OVERALL: All I can say about this evening is WOW. Paloma Faith may be kooky but whenever you witness her live you cant help but fall in love with her. Faith’s personality is hilarious.

As for Jessie Ware she has massive potential and she is an artist you need to keep an eye on. The 45 minute support slot consisted of 10 songs taken from the debut album Devotion which is released this year. See her live when you have the chance.


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