Theoretical Girl @ The Lexington 13th July 2012

It had been 2 long years since I last saw Theoretical Girl play at the 100 Club. Since then I have been a regular listening to her tracks via the annual advent calender on the TG Tumblr. When Amy sent me the invitation via Facebook I knew I had to attend. It may of been quite a while but Amy Turnnidge has not changed in the slightest. The songs that were performed this evening were top notch and my mouth is watering at the prospect of hearing more new songs.

“Good Evening, I’m Theoretical Girl. I haven’t done this for a very long time about 2 years. So please forgive me if I’m a bit rusty” Amy said before opening up with The Boy I Left Behind. She then mentioned that 6 songs were going to be performed 3 acoustic and 3 non acoustic. This was a slushy song with wonderful lyrics which tackle the subject of unrequited love. This subject was prominent throughout the début album Divided. “That song’s about a boy called Patrick who I met on tour in Germany. He didn’t speak any English. We didn’t have much to say to each other but we spent a day walking round Augsburg hand in hand and he looked like Tim Burgess from The Charlatans” Turnnidge then mentioned while the right song on the backing tracks loaded up. “For those here that work in mental health it’s about personality disorders” she then mentioned before a brand new song and this being Spare Thoughts. This was a steady paced tune which was sweetly delivered. I really liked its lyrics and it makes me look forward until the sophomore album is finally released to the public. “I was quite worried about tonight. You’re all so nice. I’m going to try and do something I’ve never done before which is play with something called a loop pedal. Basically what this means is if I make a mistake it gets looped over and over and over again. So I have to give the perfect performance. No pressure” Turnnidge then told the audience before another oldie and this being I Should Of Loved You More. This song was about unrequited love and you can picture the story which had a slight tinge of sadness. I Should Of Love You More was a nice, gentle, mellow, steady paced song. “Is everybody OK? Is anybody not OK?” Amy then said before getting stuck into the louder songs and the first being The Hypocrite. This was a dark song and it is slightly heavier compared to some songs on the album. It is a song that has forceful lyrics such as the line “Do as I say, not as I do”. It was then to the keyboard for another brand new song and this being Can’t Say No. For keen followers of Theoretical Girl will know this tune has been doing the rounds since 2009 since she posted it on her annual advent calender on the TG Tumblr. Can’t Say No was a beautiful ballad which was delivered superbly on the keyboard. The lyrics were sublime and sweet. Can’t Say No was again about unrequited love and it could of easily slotted in with the theme of début album Divided. “Any one who’s come to see me tonight thank you very, very, very, very much. I was very nervous” Amy said before mentioning she had come out of musical retirement and how it was taking a long time to write the 2nd album. Red Mist was a guitar driven song and had impressive riffs which resonated through me. Now this up tempo song was not about unrequited love instead it was about rage (well a red mist).


The Boy I Left Behind
Spare Thoughts
I Should Of Love You More
The Hypocrite
Can’t Say No
Red Mist

OVERALL: It had been a long, long while since I was there to witness Amy Turnnidge play live. This short performance went down a treat and the new songs were brilliant. Once over I had the chance to speak to Amy who said she would be gigging next year.

Perhaps by then she’ll be a pro with the loop pedal 😉


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