Moya @ 229 3rd July 2012

Venue 2 of the 229 was playing host to something special. This being a set from the talented Moya whom had released her début album Lost and Found the day before. The night was an invite only gig consisting of friends/ family and people who emailed in wishing to be on the guest list. Moya stage time was 7.30 sharp so I was there around 7.15pm (from having been at Venue 2 the week before I knew it would be no trouble getting to the front).

She took the stage around 7.45 to deliver what was an incredible short but sweet set. The song that opened she with was the 2nd single taken from the new album and this being Lost and Found. I found this number to be both infectious and upbeat. After seeing the stripped back set at The Borderline earlier on in the year it was nice seeing Moya with a full backing band. Lost and Found was oozed energy and it is a beautiful song albeit slightly sinister. “Thanks for all of you for coming down. It’s such a great turnout. We’re going to go straight into the next song and this next track is actually the next single that’s coming out after Lost and Found. So if you like it, when it comes out please just buy, buy, buy” Moya then mentioned to the intimate audience before the pacey Making Me Fall. This song completely captivated me and the vocals were strong. Making Me Fall was a slice of pop perfection and had brilliant written verses and a delectable chorus. “This next tune is Telling Tales which I’m hoping you might know. If you haven’t seen the video it is an underwater jobby, it’s quite interesting” she then went onto say before Telling Tales. This was her first single and it displays her ability to write well crafted songs. It was co-written with producer David Blair- Oliphant, this tune was about following your own path. “Right we’re going to slow it down a little bit now” Moya mentioned before plugging the Acoustic EP which was being sold at the back of the room. It was then onto a spine tingling take on Primal Scream’s I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had. She put her stamp of individuality onto this song. Also the vocals were simply breathtaking. “Moving swiftly on this is a song called Techicolour” Moya then said before getting stuck into the penultimate song. This was the first song that was written for Lost and Found. Just hearing this tune for the first time was incredible. Technicolour was delivered perfectly and I also picked up on a soulful vibe. “Well unfortunately this is the last one. It has gone way too quickly for my liking” Moya then said before plugging she was playing in the same place as support on 18th July. Lust was the song which ended this brilliant evening. I found this song to be rather soulful and Moya’s vocals complimented the melody.


Lost and Found
Making Me Fall
Telling Tales
I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this evening as I spent it witnessing an amazing recording artist live. Each track performed was true perfection which showed Moya is an incredible singer/ songwriter. As for the Primal Scream cover it left me speechless.


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