Lianne La Havas @ Rough Trade East 9th July 2012

Taking place at Rough Trade East was an intimate instore which saw the ever so talented Lianne La Havas play an incredible set. This was to coincide with her début album. I arrived at the store around 4pm purchased the album, got my wristband and just wandered around Brick Lane until 6pm. Once back I started queueing outside. When the time came there were plenty of people in line. Once in I easily got to the front anticipating something truly magical.

“Hi. I just bit the mic there. I’m Lianne and in case you didn’t know I have an album out today. So I guess we’re going to share a few of the songs from it with you now. Thank you so much for coming in advance. I’m going to start off with a love song, straight up from the heart” Lianne said when she and the rest of her band took to the small stage. What opened up this set was Don’t Wake Me Up and at first it started off as an a capella. The harmonising was spot on. La Havas then started to play the guitar then the rest of the band came in. This gave this sleek song extra oomph. Her vocals were extremely powerful and this number was a soulful folk song which was fantastic. It was then straight onto Au Cinéma. I found this song to be slightly quirky and up beat at the same time. This tune was delivered at a steady pace and I rather liked the lyrics which paint a clear picture in your head. What I picture is old black and white film noir films. “I’m somewhat overwhelmed. I feel like it’s my birthday or something today. Here’s to live music and début albums and Rough Trade” La Havas said before getting stuck into an ode to her ex boyfriend and this being Forget. This song was delivered to perfection. There was a dash of soul and the vocals were silky smooth. It was then straight onto No Room For Doubt. There was a strong folk vibe to this beautifu; song. La Havas’s vocals were really soothing and mesmerising. “I’m really glad that you’ve all made it here. I think there is plenty in stock. Here is a song from said album. This is called They Could Be Wrong” Lianne said to the audience after she mentioned purchasing the album was enough for her (one fan shouted out Happy Birthday and I think he was referring to the album). They Could Be Wrong was a song I had never heard live before. It was a promising tune which had sublime lyrics and an infectious melody. The penultimate song was played straight away and this being Lost & Found. This soothing number was ever so beautiful and I picked up of tinges of emotion from its lyrics. “You’re so cool. This is a wonderful site to look at. I’m going to break the atmosphere now, change the atmosphere even with the title track of the album. Very excited to play it. Brick Lane, Rough Trade Is Your Love Big Enough? Mine is” Lianne said before ending the evening with Is Your Love Big Enough? Now I adored this tune and the lyrics were flawless. This was an uplifting song and it is a sure fire single.


Don’t Wake Me Up
Au Cinéma
No Room For Doubt
They Could Be Wrong
Lost & Found
Is Your Love Big Enough?

OVERALL: This was a stunning 7 song set from Havas and all these songs feature on the debut album. It is surprising she did not get into the top 5 of the BBC Sound Poll of 2012 because she has something rather special.


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