Katy B @ Somerset House 8th July 2012

Dubstep came to London in the form of Katy B. The occasion being the Summer Series which was sponsored by American Express. Summer Series was an event spanning over 12 days which took place in the open air of Somerset House. These series of gigs are always held in the month of July. Ever since 2009 I have attended one of these special events. In 2009 I saw Bat For Lashes, 2010 Florence and the Machine then in 2011 it was Ellie Goulding. 2012 saw me opt for 2 of these gigs and the first being Katy B. I was debating whether to go to this one since it was announced. In the end I decided to get a ticket. Support came from Ms Dynamite and Devlin which I looked forward to. It was around 4.30pm when I reached Somerset House and there were a couple of people sitting around just watching the sound check. Doors opened slightly earlier and once inside it was an hours wait until Ms Dynamite took to the stage (in the period of the doors opening and Ms Dynamite coming on the audience were treated to short sets by a series of different musicians).

“One quick question. Do we start old or do we start new?” Ms Dynamite said the moment she took to the stage. What opened up this slot was Booo! which doesn’t feature on any album. This tune was released in 2001 but it was a song which Ms Dynamite provided guest vocals to. This sleek Garage tune was a #12 song for Sticky. Booo! Was a track that was very in your face and it was breezed through and had plenty of energy flowing from it. “Somerset House you’re wicked. We’ve only got a little bit of time. I’ve got a lot to get through. So who’s ready to get dark and dirty?” Niomi said before Fire. This again was another song that didn’t feature on A Little Deeper or Judgement Days. This was a Magnetic Man track which featured Ms Dynamite. Everyone in the crowd were loving this tune. “For this one you need to not care about getting wet and just make sure you don’t stab no one in the eye with your umbrella. Seriously” Ms Dynamite said before asking everyone to shout out What You Talking About after the count of 3. Redlight song What You Talking About!? Was next on the night and this again was another number Ms Dynamite featured on. I really liked this song as it showed off her fantastic rapping skills and the rest of the crowd loved it. The tune itself can easily get you moving. “So we’ve got to the last one. I know it’s raining out there and I really appreciate that your all out there right now. But I need you to do one more thing for me. I need to know you know how to Wile Out” Niomi said before ending the short set with Wile Out which is a DJ Zinc tune which Ms Dynamite featured on. This song is a floor filler and there were house elements that easily got people jumping up and down.


What You Talking About!?
Wile Out

James Devlin (or Devlin as he is better known as) is a talented rapper and has plenty of female admirers. This was the first time I had witnessed him live and to be honest I was left impressed by what I was hearing. Things started off with the fantastic Brainwashed which featured on the début album Bud, Sweat & Beers. The studio version of this track featured Milena Sanchez. Still the lyrics to this song were outstanding and I loved the gentle chorus. “Good evening everyone. Lets get this show moving” Devlin said before Let It Go. This song served as the final release from the début album. This tune had a dubstep to it and an infectious beat that can easily get you moving. “This one’s a brand new song. I’ve got a new album coming out in October called A Moving Picture” James said before a brand new track and this being Rewind. This was a promising track and felt different compared to the opening two tracks. Still I can picture this being a future single. During this song the heavens opened again. “Where’s all the screamers at?” Devlin said before London City. This short song was gelled to London City Pt 2. Both parts were brilliant and Devlin’s rapping skills were phenomenal. At this time the rain had subsided. A friend of Devlin’s came up to the stage to sing a short freestyle with James and this being Scary Movie. This track featured on The Directors Cut Mixtape. The topic of this freestyle was scary movies and it referenced both Scream and Jason Voorhees (from Friday the 13th). “Let’s get that energy high” James Devlin mentioned to the crowd before Runaway. This hip hop song had amazing verses and a soothing chorus. I actually see this song as being a rap ballad. The set then came to a close with the new single Watchtower. “Watch out for this one” he then said before diving straight into it.


Let It Go
London City
London City Pt 2
Scary Movie

“What’s going on Somerset House” Katy B said the moment she took to the stage. This was the 2nd time I had witnessed Kathleen Anne Brien live. Now I rather enjoyed the dubstep/ garage vibe. Things kicked off with the final single that had been taken from début album On A Mission and this being Movement. Brien was wearing a shiny gold play suit and this number sounded superb. Katy delivered a stunning performance of this tune and she knew how to get the crowd in the mood. It was then straight into Broken Record. This felt like a rave and this tune had infectious lyrics which easily got you moving. This served as the 3rd song to be taken from On A Mission. “Thank you so much for being here this evening. This is like my one and only headline show of the whole year. I’m so excited. It’s in London, my home town. So are we going to represent this evening? London is my favourite place to perform, so I’m really excited about tonight. I’m going to need a guy for this next song to join me on the stage” she then said before Easy Please Me. This song had the dubstep vibe to it and I rather enjoyed it. The guy that came onto stage sat on a stool and Katy gave him a drink then sexily danced around him. “This next one goes out to anyone who’s got On A Mission the album” Katy B then said before getting stuck into Hard To Get. Once over everyone started clapping in unison and this led to the next song Why You Always Here. Both of these tunes oozed energy. “This next song is the 2012 Olympic Games Coca Cola song. I’m just really proud to be a part of it. I love the Olympics. I did it was Mark Ronson and he travelled around the whole world sampling different athletes and putting the sound of them performing their sports into this next song. It’s been an amazing experience” she then said before the latest offering Anywhere In The World. Since I heard this song for the first time I found it to be growing on me. Anywhere In The World has a fantastic melody and infectious lyrics which slotted to it perfectly. The song itself was very different compared to Katy’s previous material as this song was very pop. “Did you hear that Johnny, Mr Sound man, everyone look at the sound man and say we want it Louder” and this cleverly linked to the next song which was Louder. This was a dance floor number which was very dupstep. Everyone was loving this powerful song.

“Ironically we’re going to take it quieter now. I think this is actually my favourite song on the album” Katy said before Go Away. This tune showed off her stunning vocal range and it was extremely different compared to the other songs that appear on the album On A Mission. The reason being is that Go Away was a gentle/ soft ballad. “Before I start this song actually. This is a brand new song OK. This has not been performed before anywhere else. I’ve been hibernating for a few months writing new songs” Brien said before starting up Crying For No Reason again. This brand new song offered plenty of promise and the lyrics were phenomenal. Like Go Away this was another piano driven ballad which showed off the sublime vocals. I look forward to hearing the studio to this emotional tune. It is one that you need to watch out for. “Would you like to hear something else fresh? I’ve been hibernating in the studio, Rinse have been feeding me bread and water. I’m wasting away. This is actually an instrumental that is tearing up the clubs right now. It’s my favourite song to dance too at the moment and I thought that I would write my own little song over the top of it” Katy said before another brand new track and this being What You Came For. Now this was a tune you could fully expect to hear in a club. It was a dance floor filler and went back to he dubstep roots. After there was a DJ clash between Katy B and DJ Shox it was then onto a cover. Both chose tunes to get the crowd raving and made them choose a winner at the end. “Since we’re down memory lane. I’m going to do one with the band. Sing along if you know the words” Katy then said before taking on the Eurythmics song Sweet Dreams. I like the twist that she put onto this well known song. This went down well with the crowd and everyone joined in with its chorus.  “So I wrote this song about being at a festival actually. And looking at the person next to you, not knowing anything about them, but feeling like you have everything in common with them at that specific moment in time. So Somerset House I need everyone to raise one hand up in the air to show we’re all together right now” Brien said before launching into Perfect Stranger. This was a high octane tune with plenty of lasers which whipped the crowd into a frenzy. “I’m going to need your hands to clap. I’m going to need you to sing along to this song cos I’m dedicating it to everyone in here. This is the song that started me. I’m going to dedicate it to everyone who has joined me On A Mission for the last 2 years” Katy said before signing off with début hit Katy On A Mission. There was plenty of audience participation and capped off a brilliant evening. “You’ve been an amazing audience tonight. Thank you very much Somerset House” she then said before exiting the stage. Minutes later Katy B returned for a 2 song encore. The first being Hot Like Fire which was an infectious tune which can easily get you moving. I really liked its lushious lyrics. Like Crying For No Reason this is a song you need to keep a look out for. The night came to a close with Lights On. Unfortunately Ms Dynamite did not partake in singing this song but what we got instead was Katy singing her own version of Lights Out. This tune was energetic and fast in pace.


Broken Record
Easy Please Me
Hard To Get
Why You Always Here
Anywhere In The World
Go Away
Crying For No Reason
What You Came For
Sweet Dreams
Perfect Stranger
Katy On A Mission


Hot Like Fire
Lights On

OVERALL: This gig was rather enjoyable. It was disappointing that it rained but I am glad that it stayed dry for the main act.

Katy B was phenomenal and I especially liked the new tunes that she performed (Crying For No Reason & Hot Like Fire). I definitely look forward to the sophomore album.

Devlin was an act I had never witnessed live before but each song that was performed was truly stunning. I especially liked Brainwashed.

As for Ms Dynamite, the set was too short in my opinion and it was slightly disappointing that she didn’t showcase her own material. It would have been nice to have heard some songs from A Little Deeper or Judgement Days. It was surprising that she didn’t sing her well known tune Dy-na-mi-tee.


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