Gaggle @ Village Underground 4th July 2012

Taking place at Village Underground was Gaggle’s biggest headline show to date. For those that don’t know Gaggle are a 21 piece female choir and led by Chief Gaggle Deborah Coughlin. Recently début album From The Mouth Of The Cave was released and this release has been long awaited. Now I purchased a copy once it was released and I must say it is incredible. The evening had an intimate feel to it mainly because it was taking place under the arch. Supporting Gaggle were Charlotte Hatherley’s brand new band.

The set by Sylver Tongue started off with Moments. For this song Charlotte mainly played the keyboard that was right in front her. It had an electro feel and the lyrics gelled together perfectly to the gentle melody. This song was delivered powerfully. Straight after it was then onto Something Big which again was mainly keys influenced until the very end where Hatherley played the guitar. Something Big was a song which offered plenty of promise. This track reminded me of Ladyhawke and the melody was very entrancing. It was then onto something new and this being Space Paranoia and this was a promising song which sounded superb both instrumentally and lyrically. This song again was mainly played on the keyboard. Tender Gravity was the next song to be played and I found this to be rather dreamy. This number was rather synthy and the vocals were delivered ever so strongly. The penultimate tune on the night was the hypnotic Hook You Up. This again was another dreamy song. The melody was light and mesmerising at the same time. Things were then capped off with the current single Creatures. This song is a grower and it is one that showed off Hatherley’s phenomenal guitar playing skills. Charlotte powered through this song at ease.


Something Big
Space Paranoia
Tender Gravity
Hook You Up

It was around 9.45pm when the 20 strong Gaggle to the stage. Leading this unique all Female choir was Deborah Coughlin (or as I like to see her Chief Gaggle). It is Deborah that holds them all together. You could think of her as the conductor. This unique group had recently released long awaited début album towards the end of June 2012 and it is a right cracker. “Hello Village Underground. We’re Gaggle” they all said in unison. What they opened up with was a brand new song which I had never heard live before and this being Happy Is The Country. Every member of Gaggle on stage was smothered with blue face paint around the lips. This number itself was rather energetic and each member were bouncing up and down delivering this startling song to perfection. This song may only consist of very few lyrics (Happy is the country that has no history & Man for himself and the devil take the hindmost) but it was plain to see that they were having fun when singing this song. Gaslight then followed on and this tune is fantastic. This song was very up tempo and had memorable lyrics which fitted perfectly with the melody. Lyrically this number had been crafted perfectly. It was then onto Power Of Money and Deborah dedicated it to Bob Diamond who resigned as Chief Executive of Barclays. This upbeat song was delivered strongly and the lyrics made you know why it was dedicated to Mr Diamond. I rather enjoyed its lyrics. It was then onto a cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs which was extremely unique and different. Up tempo I Hear Flies was up next. The song is a bit of a mixture with one half saying “I’m A Drunk” and the other half saying “I Hear Flies”. Still it is a fantastic song which was delivered perfectly. This tune was actually the début single released way back in 2010 and it was backed with I Like Cigarettes. Even though I Hear Flies is a fantastic song it doesn’t feature on the album From The Mouth Of The Cave. Once over they all went mental shouting and dancing conga. There was the sense of epicness during Bang On The Drum. They put so much into it and plenty of energy oozed from this tune. I found both lyrics and melody to be rather infectious. It was then onto the catchy Army Of Birds which is also the current single. The beat of this song was fantastic and it just makes you want to dance along to it. Its lyrics were sublime and the melody was fantastic. “Goodbye” they all said in unison before the final tune of the night which was Leave The City. I actually found the melody to this song to be slightly eerie. In this song they mention that they want to leave the city and how they have no place to go. But they needn’t do that because they are very unique and there is no one quite like them. Afterwards they all left the stage to a rapture of applause then returned for an encore. Things ended with a big show tune and this being Hello Spider. This tune was an incredible ending to what had been a fantastic evening.


Happy Is The Country
Power Of Money
War Pigs
I Hear Flies
Bang On The Drum
Army Of Birds
Leave The City


Hello Spider

OVERALL: I can’t put into words how amazing this gig was. For starters this was the biggest headline Gaggle show to date and it was a pleasure to have a ticket to witness this superb performance. This all girl choir are utterly unique and there is no one quite like them. All the songs sung on the night were sublime and it was clear to see they were getting hot from performing as the face paint they had on was running. Debut album From The Mouth Of The Cave has been a long time coming and it has been worth the wait. I look forward to the next time I see this unique group perform together again.

Finally as for Sylver Tongue all the songs that were performed were stellar. Charlotte Hatherley has created something amazing and I can’t wait to hear more material by them.


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