Kate Nash @ The Haunt 28th June 2012

Earlier on in the year Kate Nash announced the Faster Pussycats Run Run tour. This was a series of intimate gigs showcasing brand new material. Unfortunately no London date was announced so I went for the next best thing. I opted to see Kate Nash play at The Haunt in Brighton. Doors opened at 7pm and it was 30 minutes before Jon Jackson played his short support slot.

After a wonderful set by Jon Jackson it was then onto Shuga. I had previously witnessed them support Kate Nash at Colonel Fawcett and The Receeders (Nash’s side project) at the Camden’s Barfly. This duo consisted of both Emma Chitty and Luis Felber. Also there was a new drummer and this being Ben Bones. This 8 song set wetted my appetite for a future album. The set started with Tommy Don’t Worry and this being a brand new cut which has not featured on any release. This track was mainly sung by Emma Chitty, It was slow in pace and was delivered strongly. “We’re Shuga and we’re really happy to be here” Chitty said before the next song Stay Wild. Emma said that opening artist Jon Jackson normally plays with them on this song. This song was played at a steady pace and at the same time it felt very chilled out. Both Chitty and Felber were on electric guitars and even though this was slightly powerful the vocals were crystal clear. I really liked the superb lyrics and I am hoping on a studio version in the future. It was then onto another new song and this being Wet Dream. This superb song was sung by Emma and delivered with plenty of gusto. Wet Dream was a powerful song which was literally belted out. “This next song is about wanting to get away from everything and live on a farm” Chitty mentioned to the audience before introducing Farm. Now this song was wonderful and I enjoyed the lyrics which were straight to the point. It was then onto The Darkness which was taken from the recently released EP. Chitty was on electric guitar for this song which made it slightly more powerful. Now I really liked The Darkness despite the melody resonating through my body. “I just want to say thanks so much for Kate Nash for having us on the tour its been really cool” Emma then said before they delved into their début single Hey Baby. This song started off gentle with some deep guitar riffs then the drums kicked in to make this number rather edgy. Once over Emma introduced the audience to the band before getting stuck into the last track of the set and this being another brand new one. Weak At The Knees was a powerful song which was rather energetic. Both Luis and Emma shared the vocals for this fantastic number. I look forward to hearing the full mastered version. The guitar playing was rather impressive and you can have a good mosh to it. “We have a little surprise for ya. This next song’s called Shuga and Kate Nash basically has helped us with everything we have been doing and she really likes this song” Chitty said before introducing both Jon Jackson and Kate Nash who participated in this wonderful song. Sugar was a beautiful song which started off laid back then it became more powerful as this number progressed.


Tommy Don’t Worry
Stay Wild
Wet Dream
The Darkness
Hey Baby
Weak At The Knees

At 8.40 Miss Nash made her entrance onto the stage. Kate Nash and Brighton are special to me and this being the fact seeing her in Brighton in 2007 was the first gig I attended by myself. The awesome set which was played mainly consisted of brand new songs taken fron the untitled 3rd LP. Nash took to the stage wearing some cat ears. This electric set started with All Talk. This track was rather interesting because for some people this was the first time they had heard the new material. Kate Nash has gone in a complete different direction. All Talk sounded like what her side project band The Receeders would sing. Out of old Nash song I would compare it to I Just Love You More. “Hi Brighton, I’m Kate Nash and thank you very much for coming to see me this evening. I’m going to be playing you some new songs” she then said before getting stuck into Death Proof. I heard this back in 2011 at the intimate Christmas show at the Colonel Fawcett when it had the working title I Don’t Have Time To Die. The majority of this song was spoken through but it infused to the melody perfectly which resulted in one fantastic song. Part Heart was the next on the night and I found it to be mellower compared to the two songs that opened up Nash’s set.  “I’m going to do one that you know the words to” Kate then said before Kiss That Grrrl. This lovely infectious pop song was rather pacey. I actually found it to be rather upbeat as well. Conventional Girl was then up next and there was plenty of audience participation. At first it started off very smooth then the drums came in and it became rather heavy. This song had superb lyrics and was delivered at a storming pace.  “Is there band here tonight called The Tuts? I just wanted to let you know that I got your email of this song and I think it’s really cool” Nash said to be the audience. The next number being Fri-End?. Nash then went onto say “This song is about having sh*t friends”. This song was very up tempo and it reminded me of I Just Love You More but less punky. “Is anybody hot?” and it was really hot in the filled up venue. What followed was another track from My Best Friend Is You and this being Take Me To A Higher Plane. This song oozed plenty of energy and was delivered extremely strongly. “Are you having a good time Brighton?” Kate then said to the audience. Now I was having a good time and the new songs sounded outstanding. It was then onto yet another new cut and this being Are You There Sweetheart? Which originally had the working title Sweetheart back in December. I found this number to be rather gentle and there were some lovely lyrics. The middle eight where Kate said the line “Sweetheart Of Mine” sent shivers up my spine. Oh then followed on and this song was softly sung. 3am was played at a frantic pace and the lyrics fitted to its melody perfectly. Out of all the new songs that were performed this offered a lot of promise. Cherry Pickin’ was next and this song was like a full on force. It was extremely powerful and the addition of electric guitars and drums made it sound rather heavy. Do Wah Doo had a 60s vibe to it. There is an extremely fast pace to this song and it was over in a flash.  “How is everybody? I’m about to perform a rap. This is actually going to happen right now. I spent too much of my childhood listening to like Garage MC’s, going to under age clubs and drinking WKD’s . This is a rap for rejection and it’s about sexism” Nash said before Rap For Rejection. This was a bit like Mansion Song from the last album but this song was a rap. This sounded amazing and the lyrics gelled to the upbeat melody perfectly. “Did anyone get lyric sheets from the merch stand? No, no one did. I guess some people did and some people didn’t” Nash said before going to launch into You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky. With few people having these sheets this then led to a set list change to a song everyone knew the words to and this being Foundations. “You all know the f*cking words to this one so no one can be shy right now”. This electric version of Foundations was a real crowd pleaser and everyone sang along to the infectious quirky lyrics. “The next song I’m going to sing is like a summer hit written on a beach. It’s about sea and sand and cocktails and friends and parties and dolphins” Kate said before the penultimate song of the evening and this being Oh My God. I found this number to be rather light and easy on the ear. The chorus was really infectious and had a furious pace “Oh My God I can’t believe how quickly its gone this evening. Thank you so much for coming this evening Ladies and Gentlemen. We’ve come to the end of the set now. I want to thank you all for coming and for being really cute. I did say that we would play songs and talk sh*t to you for ages. But I’m not allowed to do that. The next song has been controversial on the internet for some reason” Nash mentioned before capping things off with Underestimate The Girl. Now this song was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Just like I Just Love You More this song does take a while to grow on you. Nash put everything she had into this brilliant song. She and the rest of the band left the stage only for Kate to return on her own minutes later. “I’m going to give for your bus ride home or sleepless night. I wrote this at 4 in the morning. This is for those that find it difficult to sleep” she then said before ending with Lullaby For An Insomniac. This song was beautiful and delivered as an a capella.


All Talk
Death Proof
Part Heart
Kiss That Grrrl
Conventional Girl
Take Me To A Higher Plane
Are You There Sweetheart?
Cherry Pickin’
Do Wah Doo
Rap For Rejection
Oh My God
Underestimate The Girl


Lullaby For An Insomniac

OVERALL: As per usual Kate Nash was fantastic this evening. She gone in a brand new direction since the release of My Best Friend Is You. The style of the tracks were slightly punky and a bit like her side project band The Receeders. What was showcased makes me anticipate the next LP.

I rather enjoyed the set by Jon Jackson and the set by Shuga was brilliant and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.


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