Holly Walker @ 229 27th June 2012

Taking place at Venue 2 at the 229 in Great Portland Street was a guest list only gig for th PRS. This was a free event and I mainly got my free ticket to witness the stunning Holly Walker again. I was well aware of this formidable artist yet I only saw her play live at the Queen Of Hoxton at the beginning of June. Holly impressed me greatly with her own brand of lyrical Pop music. Taking to the keyboard in a pink and spotted pink dress was the one and only Holly Walker. What the audience were treated to was an amazing 8 track set which left me wanting to hear more. Things started off with Do I Like Jazz?. I found this quirky song to be rather upbeat. “How you doing? This tune is about. Who has spent their whole day on Facebook messing around. I know you all have, you’re lying” Walker said before Modern Life. This song was very humorous and it sounded very similar to the style Kate Nash’s early music. Modern Life was a upbeat keyboard driven infectious pop song. I rather liked the lyrics and its middle 8. “I’m Holly Walker in case I forgot to say” she then said before Penelope. This song appeared on the EP Bedroom Bangers. Now this song was completely different compared to Modern Life. For starters it was delivered strongly and its lyrical content was fantastic. “It’s really sweaty up here. I just put an EP out. It’s called Bedroom Bangers, that song was off it and so is this” Walker said before Panic Breeds Panic. This showcased a different side to Holly as this song was a beautiful slow ballad with some parts of the song which were delivered at a phenomenal pace. “I’m going to do a quiet tune now with just me and the lovely Debbie. This is just a happy little ditty called Serial Killers” Holly mentioned to the intimate audience. This was one fragile song which detailed the story of a jealous partner who killed someone. You would of expected that when hearing the title of this fantastic song the melody would be a lot darker but this wasn’t the case. Serial Killers has actually grown on me and it’s slightly infectious as well. This song was a beautiful duet which lightened the dark tone of this track. Next it was onto a song which I hadn’t heard and this being the upbeat The Angel Islington. This song was superbly delivered and had some fantastic lyrics. “You know this one, maybe” Holly said before her own interpretation on Rihanna’s Rude Boy. I must say this take on this song was extraordinary. At first it started off at a slow pace then it gained more strength as soon as it progressed. Walker’s vocals were beautiful and she put her on stamp on this track. The chorus oozed plenty of attitude. “This is our last one. Thanks for listening, thanks for coming out” Holly said before ending with Sterile Facile. This song is amazing and it is (along with Modern Life and Serial Killers) is one off my favourite songs. Sterile Facile was played at a furious pace and was rather upbeat. Also this song was very infectious and quirky.


Do I Like Jazz?
Modern Life
Panic Breeds Panic
Serial Killers
The Angel Islington
Rude Boy
Sterile Facile

OVERALL: This was a startling set played by one amazing artist. I look forward to hear more material from her. Début EP Bedroom Bangers is out now and I completely adore it.


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