Kyla La Grange @ Barfly 14th June 2012

Taking place at the Barfly was an gig which had a festival feel to it. This event had been organised by Guardian New Band Of The Day and it took place on both levels of the venue. I mainly purchased a ticket to see the wonderful Kyla La Grange and the fact We Were Evergreen filled in at the last minute was an added bonus. There was a host of different artists playing and it was laid out in a way that you could witness all the performances. At first I just sat on the sofa watching Digits then 10 minutes before the set finished I then made my way to the upstairs. The first band to play on the stage was Seasfire. They were extremely talented but unfortunately not my cup of tea.

The second band on the night were Parisian trio We Were Evergreen. They stepped in at the last minute as MSMR pulled out due to illness. Their music is a blend of Indie and Pop which is a good combination. We Were Evergreen are Michael Liot, Fabienne Débarre, William Serfass and this was the 2nd time I had seen them play live (the 1st being Soko’s Borderline show last year). At the moment they do not have an album to their name just the Flings EP and the recently released Baby Blue. What I like about them is each track can easily make you smile. “Hello” Fabienne said the moment they all took to the stage. The 6 song set kicked off with Penguins & Moonboots. This song was quirky and it was extremely uplifting as well. I loved the pacey verses and the lyrics gelled to the upbeat melody to a T. “Good evening Barfly” Michael said to the audience before launching into a brand new song and this being Leeway. The vocals were perfect and this was a jolly song. It makes me anticipate the brand new EP which is released in October. It was then onto the next tune of the of the evening and this being Eggs. The harmonising was spot on and the lyrics were sublime. Its lyrics are slightly regretful “It’s such a waste and I can’t make up for this”. “Right thanks for coming down here. We’re called We Were Evergreen” Liot said before the next song Second Hand. This song was released as a vinyl backing Baby Blue. Second Hand was extremely gentle and entrancing as well. Also Michael showed off his trumpet skills towards the end. It was then straight onto the penultimate song and this being the latest single Baby Blue. This tune was about being an unknown gigging band doing the rounds of terrible venues in front of tiny crowds. “Well this is the end of our show. Thanks for being here tonight. Our name is We Were Evergreen for the last time. We’re going to finish with a song called Vintage Car. Come talk to us at the end and all the rest” Liot said before rounding things off with Vintage Car which has been released as a free downloadable song. At first Serfrass did some beat boxing and was aided by a loop pedal. Nearing the end there was some furious drum playing. The thing I like the most about Vintage Car is the fact you can picture it in your head.


Penguins & Moonboots
Second Hand
Baby Blue
Vintage Car

Kyla La Grange ended what was an extraordinary night. The ceiling started to leak which was kind of scary because of the electrics. It didn’t look like these leaks would stop but in time they did. La Grange kicked the set off with début single Been Better which was released on Chess Club last year. This song was powerful and blew me away. The harmonies were spot on and this number had a strong folk vibe. It’s lyrics were fantastic and I especially liked the chorus which oozed plenty of energy. “Thank you very much. Thank you so much for staying to see us. There’s been so many brilliant bands on tonight. It’s a real honour to play. I also hope you like our water feature, it’s actually on our rider. It’s a bad joke. I’m bad at jokes” Kyla then said to the audience before getting stuck into the forthcoming re released single Walk Through Walls. This song was fantastic. It was like a full on force and had a chorus which was belted out at ease. This upbeat number was rather pacey. “Thank you very very much. The next song we’re going to sing is a very sad, sad, sad, sad song. But then it’s followed by a medium sad song and that one’s followed by probably the most fun song which is still fairly sad. Then after that we go back to really sad again” La Grange said before getting stuck into To Be Torn. At the start Kyla’s vocals were high pitched and it was like she was channelling Kate Bush (Wuthering Heights). To Be Torn was a beautiful quiet ballad which did gain in strength. This tune showcased La Grange’s startling vocals to perfection. “I would just like to introduce my my band quickly ‘cos I’m really nice” Kyla said before introducing the other members of the band. “They really want to be watching the football. It’s a pain isn’t it to be honest. It’s a hard life” Kyla then said before I Could Be. This bluesy song was very upbeat and was delivered at a steady pace. “This one is a kind of fun one” she then said before Walk which does not feature on the début album Ashes. When you see La Grange perform this song you can see that she is having fun. Walk is a song which has sublime infectious lyrics which fit perfectly its furious paced melody. “Thank you very much. The next one is a really really quiet one” Kyla said before Heavy Stone. She gave the audience the option of a quiet song or a loud one. Whatever was chosen the same song would of ben played. Actually this tune started life as a heavy song only for La Grange to rework it to something softer. I found Heavy Stone to be quiet and soothing. “Thank you so much. How we doing for time?” Kyla then said to the sound man. It was then onto Vampire Smile. Energy flowed from this steady paced number and La Grange literally belted it out. Lyrically this was a dark song when you carefully listen to it “But I’m A Vampire Smile You’ll Meet A Sticky End, And Here I’m Trying Not To Bite Your Neck, But It’s Beautiful And I’m Going To Get, So Drunk On You And Kill Your Friends”. It was then straight into Lambs. I picked up on an Irish feel when Lambs was performed live. Maybe it was down to the backing track. Kyla gave this song her all and its lyrics were superb. “Thank you so so much for staying this late to see us” La Grange said before rounding off the evening with Catalyst. This was a quiet ballad which sounded amazing. Catalyst was delivered at a steady pace and was extremely soft/ mellowing at the same time.


Been Better
Walk Through Walls
To Be Torn
I Could Be
Heavy Stone
Vampire Smile


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