Alpines @ Dalston Roof Park 13th June 2012

The See Hear Club takes place at Dalston Roof Park. They put on a host of unique gigs. Only one band is booked and that band/ artist gets to pick a film to show that evening. I follow Alpines on Twitter and the moment they announced a single release for Empire I purchased a ticket straight away. It had been 3 months since I last saw this group play. Alpines have something special and have the potential to blow anyone away. I long for a longer set by Alpines but I guess once they do release the debut album the headline tour will follow. This trio consisted of Bob Matthews, Catherine Pockson and drummer Henry.

“Hi everyone, how are you? Thank you so much for coming. It’s not raining, I’m so happy about it. Thank you so much for being here this is our launch for Empire” Pockson said before Odysseia. This was Electro Pop at its best. The song itself was very powerful. Drive featured on the Night Drive EP. Still Catherine’s vocal range was spine tingling and this steady paced upbeat track was delivered to perfection. I picked up on plenty of energy and passion. “So we’re showing Romeo & Juliet after. It’s one of my favourite films. It’s pretty girly” Pockson said before Ice & Arrows. This number had brilliant lyrics and was delivered faultlessly. “How you guys doing? Are you well? It’s also quite weird being in a daylight as well. We’re quite night pop” Catherine said to the audience before Saviour. The song itself was outstanding and its lyrics were packed with plenty of energy. Saviour was a sleek song and was delivered at a steady pace. Up next it was onto prior single Cocoon. This song had a beat to it and Catherine’s vocal performance was extraordinary. Cocoon had a pacey chorus and stunning verses which I adored. Lights was more of a beautiful ballad which showcased Pockson’s incredible vocal range. Actually this track gave me goosebumps. When the drums kicked in that’s when Lights gained a lot of power. “OK we’re going to do something we’ve never done before. It’s just for you guys. We’re going to play a cover of Prince’s When Doves Cry” Pockson said before heading over to the keyboard. When Doves Cry was an outstanding take of this Prince song. They put the Alpines stamp on this song and it was a shame that people were talking throughout this special moment. Alpines capped off an extraordinary with the forthcoming single. Empire had a beat to it and Pockson’s vocals were extremely soulful. I would say this was a Power Pop song which Catherine delivered with every ounce of energy. This song could link into the fact they decided to show Romeo & Juliet as Pockson sang words “I’m building an Empire”. “We actually got some 7” on pre order tomorrow with limited edition artwork. So if you want to get involved with that” Catherine said when they had finished their fantastic 8 song set. After plenty of chants for more the band finally gave in and offered us one more song. “OK so this is risky business coz we’ve not actually rehearsed this with Henry. But he’s just so pro” Pockson said before they ended with Fossilised. I found this song to be rather smooth with parts which were extremely strong. Alpines got through this number without a hitch.


Ice & Arrows
When Doves Cry



OVERALL: Alpines are Britain’s best kept secret. They literally sound amazing and the set performed was simply stunning. They deserve to be headlining their own gigs but I guess that will happen when they have an album/ more material out. Every time I see them live they surpass themselves. I look forward to the day when Alpines play again.


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