Helen Boulding @ Ballyhoo 12th June 2012

London based Helen Boulding is one incredible singer/ songwriter. She has written with the likes of 911, Chris Difford, Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright, Billy Steinberg, Alex Parks and she also provided backing vocals for 2 tracks on Holly Valance’s début album Footprints.

I was lucky enough to get an invite for what was set to be an outstanding evening. This was a showcase of material from forthcoming album Calling All Angels which is released 16th July. The choice of venue was Ballyhoo which I have never attended before until I realised it had been relaunched with a brand new name. Previously this venue had been The Bowery. Still when 6.30pm came I made my way downstairs to noticed it had greatly changed since the last time I was there. This change being that the whole room was sound proofed.

Emerging from the dressing room was Helen Boulding whose eyes were covered with glitter. Things opened up with a slow ballad and this being Be With Me. I found this song to be beautiful and Helen’s vocals were soft and gentle. This song also is the track opener to the new album Calling All Angels. What followed after was the uplifting The Innocents. This being the forthcoming single and it was both upbeat and infectious. The Innocents had sublime lyrics which completely captivated me. It was then onto the whimsical Blown Away. I found it to be rather mellowing. This song was about letting go and making choices. Straight after it was onto the wonderful Something To Believe. Helen took to the keyboard for this tune. “I realised I was going to say a few words after The Innocents and I forgot to speak which is very unusual for me. You normally can’t shut me up. I wanted to thank you all for coming” Boulding said before another keyboard song and this being Crooked Tooth. I found this song to be contagious and the vocals were extremely sweet. It was a song that left me completely entranced. “If I knew the stage was so low I wouldn’t spend so long picking my shoes. No I probably would. So this is our last song” Helen said before Jerusalem. This was a fast paced song which had a thumping beat as well as uplifting lyrics. Jerusalem also references the album title. “We didn’t really prepare an encore. So we’re just going to do something acoustically” Boulding said before ending an amazing night with Long Time Coming.


Be With Me
The Innocents
Blown Away
Something To Believe
Crooked Tooth


Long Time Coming

OVERALL: This was an extraordinary night witnessing someone whom is a real talent. As well as being a incredible artist Helen Boulding is an outstanding song writer. I feel extremely lucky to have witnessed this Calling All Angels showcase.


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