Erin K & Tash @ The Old Queens Head 10th June 2012

The short set by Erin K & Tash opened up with The Sexy Cupcake Ditti. This number paints the picture of a hot summers day and Erin is baking wonderful cupcakes. Basically Kleh sings the steps she goes through when making these cupcakes. The harmonising by Tash and Lereese was spot on. “This next song is about my f*ck buddy” Kleh said the moment they all got stuck into Jiggy Miggy. The song is a true story and is rather sexual/ graphic. Still I actually found this pacey tune rather quirky. “This next one we played for the first time yesterday” Erin said before my favourite song and this being Waltz For The Rat Babies. What Kleh meant about the fact it this was the 2nd time they had played it with the new line up. This details the story of the death of some rat babies. The mother rat get attacked by a crow who picked her up by the tail. Mother rat died leaving the babies to fend for themselves which then resulted in their death. Erin took the lead for Keep Her and it sounded amazing. This song was rather pacey and the lyrics were brilliant. I found this tune to be infectious and has potential to be a future single. “This next song is called Peanut & The Pea. It’s about the adventures of a mouldy peanut” Erin said before taking to the guitar for Peanut & The Pea. This tune was fast in pace and at the same time the lyrics were extremely quirky. You can actually picture this song in your head. “This song is called Sorry I’m Not Black and this is about an ex lover that wanted me to have black skin” Kleh said before the song in question. Sorry I’m Not Black was an upbeat song which was extremely quirky. My favourite line in this song has to be “A Nightmare For You Would Be Sex With A Ghost”. Ending the set was Assholio and this song was delivered at a furious pace and the harmonies were faultless.


The Sexy Cupcake Ditti
Jiggy Miggy
Waltz For The Rat Babies
Keep Her
Peanut & The Pea

OVERALL: All in all I enjoyed this set that the band performed. I have been a fan since 2009 and I am eagerly anticipating the day when they do release the début album.


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