Erin K & Tash @ Regent’s Park 9th June 2012

The London Green Fair in Regent’s Park was the setting of the latest Erin K & Tash performance. After having witnessed them play at the Daylight Music Sessions earlier on in May I was rather looking forward to seeing them play their own brand of beautiful songs. I have been a fan of the band since 2009 and it is wonderful to see how they have progressed over those 4 years. The London Green Fair was in fact a fair which also hosted 2 stages of live music. Erin K & Tash were playing on the Pea Pod stage which was a good choice (mainly because it had an overlapping roof and it was boiling that Saturday)

Opening up the set was the light hearted Oh Well which can easily make you smile It was delivered at a rampant pace and the lyrics were infectious. Oh Well was rather quirky. “This next song is about baking cupcakes” Erin said before getting stuck into The Sexy Cupcake Ditti. Lyrically this song was very clever as it shows that you can make a good song from any topic. The topic for this was baking cupcakes in Texas and Kleh was basically singing the steps she went through. “This next song is called Waltz For The Rat Babies and all of these songs are based on true stories. This song is about some rat babies that died in a roof top when I was in India” Erin said before playing Waltz For The Rat Babies which I haven’t heard played live for a long time. This song is by far one of my favourite songs and I like the fact you can picture what is happening. Towards the end the tone gets darker when a crow attacks the mother rat. “This is our last song this is about, I guess I’ll call it a love buddy. It’s my love buddy” Kleh then said to the gathered audience before ending with another true story and this being Jiggy Miggy. This sexual/ graphic song was delivered powerfully however there is no bad language in it whatsoever. Also there were dashes of humour. Once over there were chants for one more and then the band took to the stage. “We’re going to do one more song. This song is called Assholio” Erin then said. Assholio was played at a fast pace and the harmonies that Tash provided were amazing. For some reason whenever I hear this song Mexico comes into my head.


Oh Well
The Sexy Cupcake Ditti
Waltz For The Rat Babies
Jiggy Miggy


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