Elissa Franceschi @ Nambucca 6th June 2012

I have been to plenty of music venues in London before but I had never visited Nambucca. Now this venue is located in Finsbury Park. The main reason I was in attendance was to see the one and only Elissa Franceschi play acoustically. She had said on Facebook earlier on in the day that her stage time would be around 8pm. It was therefore a bit touch and go for me and this was to do with train delays. I managed to get there at 8 on the dot and lucky for me Fraceschi’s time was at 8.25pm. Once I was inside the room I could see it was rather intimate. People were sat down on the floor and it was obvious to see that they were fans of Elissa’s. This gig had the age restrictions lowered and was opened to anyone 14+.

“We thought it would be appropriate to do this one seeing as it is the first week of June” Elissa said before getting stuck into First Week Of June. The vocals were soft and it was clear to see that Franceschi was putting every ounce of energy into it. I found the melody to be catchy and the bridge was fantastic. Quite a few people in the audience were singing along. “I thought it would be nice to do a song that’s kind of on circulation at the moment. Potentially you’ve seen the ghastly video for it. This is about when you cross that line between friendship and the other stuff” Franceschi said before the fierce Becoming The Enemy. I actually really liked the video despite Elissa calling it ghastly. This song was a lot softer mainly because there was just a acoustic guitar accompanying the vocals. Franceschi’s mellowing vocal range made the hairs on the back of my neck. My favourite part of this song had to be the chorus. “Can we do a new song for you, would that be OK?” Elissa said after introducing her backing band. The new song was Dust. “This is the happiest song I’ve ever wrote” Franceschi said just as the song started up. Its melody was entrancing/ mellowing and the vocals gelled to it perfectly. The lyrics were delivered powerfully and all in all this new song was incredible. “You see this beast in front of me. It is here for a reason. I do try and tinkle the old ivories” Elissa then went onto say. The thing I love about Franceschi is the fact she has an infectious/ bubbly personality. It was then onto another beautiful song and this being Salt (on the album Into The Light it is a duet with her brother Josh). This soothing tune was delivered perfectly. “Note to self do not wear whatever this is like jogging material on stage” Franceschi said referring to the fact she was extremely hot wearing this warm piece of clothing. It was then onto Rainbow On Fire. Elissa delivered this entrancing/ moving song to perfection. This whimsical tune sent chills up my spine. “I’m reaching the end. I’ve got 2 left so I’m going to whizz through them. This song is a new one and do let me know what you think cos it’s still in sort of writing phase” Franceschi mentioned to the audience before Oceans. This tune came after a 6 month writers block. Oceans was yet another brilliant song which captivated me from the very start. This song which was posted up on Facebook has already been reworked and had a different chorus. It’s lyrics were very powerful and extremely emotional. “This is our last song. You’ve been amazing. We’re on twitter @Elissa_F, Facebook, iTunes. You name it we’re whoring ourselves on it and we would like to see you at another show” Elissa said before ending with Into The Light which is the self titled track to the current album. This audience pleasing number had a few people sing along to this wonderful song. The lyrics were incredible, the harmonising was spot on and it was also rather pacey.


First Week Of June
Becoming The Enemy
Rainbow On Fire
Into The Light

OVERALL: This was a brilliant set by Franceschi which kept me captivated until the very end. The new songs Dust and Oceans were both incredible and I look forward to hearing the mastered versions (when it comes to record them). The style of the music is very pop and that is how I like my music. Each turn was utterly infectious and beautiful as well. I am intrigued to see the video for Rainbow On Fire.


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