Dan Shears @ The Slaughtered Lamb 9th June 2012

After having attended The London Green Fair it was then off to The Slaughtered Lamb for the fantastic Dan Shears. This was to be the 3rd time I had witnessed him perform live after having seen him support Charlene Soraia earlier on in the year. Shears is an outstanding singer/ songwriter who immediately captivated me at The Enterprise in February. Before the gig I had the opportunity to hang out with Dan which was rather nice. One thing you need to know about the performances is that Dan’s banter is extremely sexual. What was performed was a mixture material from forthcoming EP Against The Sea Of Troubles and prior EP The Eternal Mystery Of The Human Heart.

“You all good yeah? My name is Dan Shears” he then said before opening up with London By Lamplight. This incredible song hypnotised me and it had a steady pace which was superbly played on an acoustic guitar. The vocals sounded really angelic. “This next song is called The Devil’s Favourite Love Story. I’ve met the devil and I can assure that it is his favourite. In fact I lived with her for a little while” Shears said before The Devil’s Favourite Love Story. This laid back song was a mournful love ballad which was superbly delivered. I found The Devil’s Favourite Love Story to be rather gentle/ mellowing. “On tour I had the awkward task of having to play that song in front of the person it was written about which was weird” he then said once he had ended this number. This song was the first taster of what to expect from the new EP Against The Sea Of Troubles. One Dry Eye In The House Of God was played at an up tempo pace and the high pitched lyrics gelled to the melody perfectly. “I don’t know if you noticed. I f*cked up towards the end of that one. I think I got away with it. Just about” Dan said once the song was over. To be honest I was entranced to notice any slight mistake. Straight after it was onto a brand new song and this being My Dear Oscar. This song doesn’t feature on the forthcoming EP next July but probably the next one. It was delivered perfectly and I found it slightly powerful at the same time. “Obviously I know we’re here to celebrate the release of Danny’s EP. I’m going to sound like a QVC advert now but I’ve got an EP as well. So I’m going to latch on to Danny’s wonderful evening that he’s put on. Like a horny dog at a Miss Lovely Legs competition. If you do want a copy of my EP then come up and ask me for one and I will give it to you in exchange for some money. 5 monies. I do have to specify because on tour in Aberdeen someone paid me with £4 coins and a £1 winning scratch card. So we’ll call it £5 or a sexual favour. What do you get for a fiver in Clerkenwell. Anyway enough of this. On the 5th July I’m doing my own EP launch to which Danny you’re welcome to clamp on like a horny dog and get your lipstick out. I’ll be releasing a new EP which is called Against The Sea Of Troubles. The lead track of which I’m about to play now with my hands” Shears said before another song from the brand new EP and this being In The Shadows Of Better Men. “It’s a bit lively this one so you can like move if you want. You don’t have to. But if you don’t I will think badly of you”. Now this song was rather upbeat and its lyrics fitted perfectly to the melody. The vocal performance was outstanding Dan did put everything into it. “This is my last song. Hope you enjoy Danny later on I’m sure you will. When I’ve finished I’ll have my mailing list and CD’s over there. But we’re not here for me we’re here for Danny. So if you’ve got a fiver on you buy his CD but not mine. This last song is called Lily and it’s about loving someone with every fibre of your being” Shears said before ending his captivating 6 song set with the beautiful Lily. This tune gave me goosebumps as it was both laid back and soothing.


London By Lamplight
The Devil’s Favourite Love Story
One Dry Eye In The House Of God
My Dear Oscar
In The Shadows Of Better Men

OVERALL: This short but sweet set consisted of material both new and old. Dan Shears has something rather special and vocals to die for which easily can make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on edge.

Dan is playing at The Regal Room on 5th July and I advise you to witness this incredible recording artist. Even if you cannot make it you can just watch it in the comfort of your own home as this venue likes to stream everything live.


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