Indigo Earth @ The Old Queens Head 3rd June 2012

Indigo Earth have something incredibly special. The style of music that they sing is entrancing folk music. After I saw them play at The Station Sessions last April and the moment they played the opening song (which was Cold Light Of Day) I was left captivated. Once I was home that evening I then kept tabs on future tour dates. This London based quintet consisted of Amy Wilson, Ben Nash, Matt Facy, Jess Sawers-Warren and Tom Smith.

Opening up the set was Wise Man. Amy took the lead for this wonderful song and the harmonising was extremely tight. I found Wise Man to be very uplifting and I loved the melody to it. Basically this song was rather gentle and mesmerising at the same time. “We’re Indigo Earth and we’re happy to be here today. It’s our first time here. It’s nice, it’s good” Wilson said to the intimate audience before Satisfied Alive. Ben Nash took lead for this song. This song does not feature on the current Indigo Earth EP. Even though Ben sings the majority of this song Amy harmonised. Satisfied Alive was both deeper and powerful as well. For The Son was played straight after. I found this song to be rather gentle which had some fantastic lyrics. Wilson took lead for this power charged track and the rest of the band harmonised perfectly. “Some of you may of heard this, some of you may not. It’s kind of a new one. It’s called Sorry Stranger” Nash said before launching into the said song. Sorry Stranger was the song and it was mainly sung by Ben Nash. I was actually reminded of Mumford & Sons and Noah and the Whale. Wilson harmonised for this new song. Another Ben Nash song was next and this being Light The World Up. I would actually say this song is a combination of folk/ rock and could be seen as an anthem. Light The World Up is packed with promise and it has to feature on another EP or album. I also found this number very up tempo/ up beat and infectious at the same time. “So we’re going to play another new one now. Be kind to us” Wilson said before taking to the lead for These Souls. Now this new steady paced song sounded incredible. Its lyrics were sublime. “We’ve got 2 more for you now. There both on that EP” Amy Wilson said before penultimate song Makes Me Wonder. This song was simply stunning. Amy’s vocals were extremely distinctive and the harmonising made this number stronger. Also nearing the end of the song there was a little sing along part. “It’s really really weird watching yourself play in the mirror. I’m not really sure if I like it. What do you think?” Wilson said before the band ended with Cold Light Of Day. The harmonising was spot on and this was a feel good song. This number was played at a steady pace and had superbly written lyrics


Wise Man
Satisfied Alive
For The Son
Sorry Stranger
Light The World Up
These Souls
Makes Me Wonder
Cold Light Of Day

OVERALL: Words cannot describe what I thought of this set. They may be on their first EP but this is a group that can go places. Nothing can fault the vocal performance and each song on the night was a right cracker. Just hearing them play wonderful folk tunes makes me anticipate future releases.

Indigo Earth are a band well worth checking out.


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