The Glass Child @ The Bedford 29th May 2012

Fronted by the adorable Swede Charlotte Eriksson is the extraordinary band The Glass Child. I won’t lie but this is my favourite new group at the moment as the recent EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made just clicked with me straight away. It was actually Eriksson who sent me an email mentioning about the band, I then listened and here we now are. Charlotte moved to London (on her own) about 2 years ago to give her life to music. She also has her own record label “Broken Glass Records” and produced her début self titled EP last May. The end of last year saw the release of follow up EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made which I found to be highly addictive. The style of music that they sing is a mixture of pop and rock (think Paramore or even Versaemerge). The Bedford was the choice of location for this phenomenal gig and what was showcased was simply outstanding.

Opening up the evening was Tell The World which appeared on the 2nd EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made. This song saw Charlotte telling the world that she is still alive. Tell The World had a rampant powerful chorus which was delivered with plenty of gutso. I found this tune to be very infectious. “Thank you so much for listening” Eriksson said just before I’m Hidden So Well. There was an alternative rock vibe to this song. Its verses were gentle and the chorus was rather powerful. I’m Hidden So Well was taken from the début self titled EP. “Thank you so much for listening and for being here. My name’s Charlotte and we’re The Glass Child. We’re going to play a song I just released as a single. It’s called I’ll Never Tell and I just released it as a single to raise awareness of domestic violence, and I think it’s subjects we need to talk about more. I hope you like it” Charlotte then said to the audience. This is the darkest song that Eriksson has wrote as I’ll Never Tell is dealing with the subject of domestic violence. While the melody and performance were beautiful the lyrics conveyed a powerful message. Following on was Hypnic Jerk. There was a tinge of sadness to this ballad. Charlotte’s vocals were superb. Hypnic Jerk was a song which dealt with death and loss. “We’re going to play a song called I Will Lead You Home which I release for a Swedish cancer organisation last year to support young victims of the disease and this song actually reached #2 on the Swedish iTunes chart” Eriksson said to the audience before going on to say if everyone was enjoying themselves as we were all quiet. It was then onto I Will Lead You Home which was released for Ung Cancer. Charlotte was playing acoustic guitar for this one. I found this song to be rather beautiful, soothing and very emotional as well. Like Hypnic Jerk this was another ballad. “If you don’t know me I’m from Sweden. This is a new song and I don’t know what it’s called but it’s about I’m kind of living like a homeless person right now, I’m just wandering around playing music where ever I can. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that when you find something in your life that you feel like this is what I’m supposed to do, this is my destiny and this is my purpose. There is a lot of struggle no matter what you’re doing. This song is about when you find that purpose there’s always a voice in your head that saying you’re on the right track, this is what you’re supposed to do. It kind of becomes a spiritual thing” Eriksson said before launching into an Untitled song. The lyrics were sublime and this number was very upbeat. “Can’t you see I’m on my own, This roads now my home”. I’m really looking forward to hearing the mastered version as this song sounded brilliant. “Thank you so so much for listening. There’s a lot of gigs where people don’t really listen. I wrote this song when I moved here. I moved here 2 years ago. I learnt a lot but the 1st thing I learnt was about missing and how you don’t think you need people until you don’t have anyone” Charlotte said before ending with power pop song Best Part Of Me. This upbeat number was rather infectious and had chorus which was belted out. Ending the set was Dirty Love Song by Tiger Lilly whom were entrancing.


Tell The World
I’m Hidden So Well
I’ll Never Tell
Hypnic Jerk
I Will Lead You Home
Best Part Of Me
Dirty Love Song


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