Gig Of The Month: #22 Florence and the Machine @ Union Chapel 22nd November 2009

I went to a lot of cool gigs in November 2009. Ones that stick out include Taylor Swift at Wembley Arena, Kate Voegele at The Borderline, Marina And The Diamonds at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen and at Upstairs at The Garage and The Gossip at HMV Forum. But this event was rather special. The Little Noise Sessions is my way of donating money to charity in this case I was donating it to Mencap through the ticket price. I remember I started queuing about 5ish hours prior to the doors opening. This day was bitterly cold, I remember thinking if I collapsed with hypothermia they would open the doors early. Still the reason I purchased a ticket to this incredible evening was the fact Florence was headlining and it was in the Union Chapel. Put both together and you get something spine tingling.

I remember the fact the first 3 rows were reserved for press which was annoying at the time as I would of liked to have been right up close. From having got the set list at the end of the evening Kiss With A Fist was the opening number but it was crossed out. Maybe Florence felt it wouldn’t feel right to play that song in a church. What was performed was an epic 10 track set which was absolutely spell binding. Welch’s vocals resonated across the whole church which made it spine tingling. Another memorable moment was when Drumming Song was played minus drums.


My Boy Builds Coffins
Between Two Lungs
Hurricane Drunk
Dog Days Are Over
Cosmic Love
Drumming Song
You’ve Got The Love
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

(For more video from this gig go to the PMR Youtube channel)


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