Daylight Music Sessions @ Union Chapel 19th May 2012

Afternoon gigs are something I very rarely do but after seeing Erin K & Tash were due to play at the Union Chapel as part of the Daylight Music Sessions I knew that I wanted to be there. I turned up at 11.50am and Erin K & Tash were on at 12.05pm. “Hello. Thanks for coming” Erin Kleh said once they were all on the stage. Opening the short set was Oh Well. This was a light hearted song which can easily make you smile It was delivered at a rampant pace and the lyrics/ harmonising were brilliant. Personally this has to be my favourite song by the band. “This song’s about baking cupcakes in Texas” Kleh then said introducing the next number as The Sexy Cupcake Ditti. This upbeat song was very clever lyrically. You would never expect a song about making cupcakes. It was straight onto the upbeat Coins. This song was rather mellowing and there is something about Erin’s vocals which made it very soothing. Again the harmonies were spot on. The thing I liked about this song is you can clearly picture what is happening in your head. For The Amsterdam Song Tash took the lead. This number was beautiful and the lyrics fitted perfectly to its melody. Actually I found it rather hypnotic. It was then straight into a brand new song and this being Keep Her. Erin took the lead for this song and it sounded amazing. This song was rather pacey and the lyrics were brilliant. “This is the first time we’ve all played together” Erin then said after Tash had introduced the band. Since I last saw them they have lost 1 member and now they’ve gained another 3. “I picture an old lady singing this” Kleh then said before launching into I Fell For Your Face. Tash was on ukulele for this one. Like Oh Well this was yet another jolly song which had fantastic lyrics. Sorry I’m Not Black was next and it was about a guy Erin dated who liked her even more the darker her skin got. This upbeat true song was extremely quirky. Also pictures of Dennis Rodman made an appearance. My favourite line in this song has to be “A Nightmare For You Would Be Sex With A Ghost”. “We’ve been Erin K & Tash. Thank you so much for coming. This song is called Jiggy Miggy and this is about my f**k buddy” Kleh then said when ending with another true song and this being Jiggy Miggy. This sexual/ graphic song was delivered powerfully however there is no bad language in it whatsoever. Also there were dashes of humour.


Oh Well
The Sexy Cupcake Ditti
The Amsterdam Song
Keep Her
I Fell For Your Face
Sorry I’m Not Black
Jiggy Miggy

Headlining this event was Stephanie O’Brien. O’Brien is a singer-songwriter who is also known for being 1/3 of The Puppini Sisters. Stephanie hails from London and her music takes inspiration from different corners of the world. Her sound is derived from a unique mix of influences from her background in jazz (as part of Retro’s futuristic vanguard in ‘The Puppini Sisters’); her time spent learning Latin harp as a child and her love for Folk music and Americana. The set opened with You & I which I found extremely smooth and had a pacey chorus which was delivered faultlessly.  Let’s Go Somewhere was played immediately after. I found this song to be rather sleek with a lovely up tempo melody and the lyrics gelled to it perfectly. This felt like a feel good song which sounded perfect.  “It’s so lovely to be here today. It’s lovely to be singing in daylight for a change. This next song we would like to sing to you. I wrote it at a very happy time in my life. I’m still very happy. Especially happy and it’s just wonderful to sing this song and to relive those moments” Stephanie said before Mary Lou. This number had a steady pace and the vocals were extremely strong. “This song was inspired by a book I read a few years ago, an amazing bock called The Picture Of Dorian Gray. I found it just quite profound and this song is inspired by some of the ideas in that book” O’ Brien said to the intimate audience before playing Sophia. The vocals were husky/ very distinctive and this song was played at a laid back pace. It was then straight into Wild West which sounded rather promising. It sounded a touch country, had fantastic verses and a pacey chorus. “We’re going to play one more song for you but before we do I just want to say thank you all for coming. It’s so lovely to see you all here especially on a Saturday afternoon. I’ll just leave you with saying we’ve just been recording an album at the start of the year. It’s almost finished and it’s going to be out sometime in July” Stephanie said before signing off with Last Laugh. This song made the hairs on the back of my stand up. It was slightly jazzy plus O’Brien sounded like a soprano as she belted out this number (the acoustics in this church were stunning).


You & I
Let’s Go Somewhere
Mary Lou
Wild West
Last Laugh

OVERALL: This was a fantastic afternoon spent watching music played live which I liked. Stephanie’s performance literally blew me away. The songs that were showcased are a lot different in style compared to The Puppini Sisters.

Erin K & Tash consisted of 7 people. These being Erin Kleh, Tash Terbraak, Simon Lewis, Jose Albela, Lereese Atkinson, Katie Hearsey and Paul Durbin. Even though this was the first time they all performed together they all fitted together perfectly. I would describe their music as anti folk. A bit like Kimya Dawson really. What was performed was pure quality and they know how to have fun. You had the beautiful/ cheerful songs (Oh Well, Coins, Amsterdam Song) to the jolly (I Fell For You Face) to the light hearted/ humorous numbers (Sorry I’m Not Black, Jiggy Miggy). All in all what was performed was tremendous and I know for a fact Erin wants to play at the Union Chapel again. I look forward to seeing them again very soon and I’m eager to get my hands on the new EP whenever that may be.


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