Garbage @ The Troxy 9th May 2012

Nineties rock legends Garbage announced that their comeback show would take place at The Troxy. For many Garbage fans this had been a long time coming as the band haven’t toured since 2005 (they cancelled the 6 remaining months of the last tour). I imagined queueing for this memorable event would be an early start. I wanted to arrive at 9 in the morning but due to another ticket going on sale at that time I left my place around 9.10am. The Troxy is a venue I have never attended before (I did have a ticket for Sia but that was unfortunately cancelled). So I arrive outside The Troxy at 10.40am and to my surprise there were just three people sitting on the steps (the first person arrived at 5.45am and that is dedication). Once I noticed that they started a numbering system I began to thing maybe people turned up early got a number and left to get food etc. But this wasn’t to be the case I was the 4th one there which I did not expect at all. During the following hours the queue gradually grew. It was then decided to have two lines at both ends of The Troxy which did cause some panic because that would have been two lots of fans going in at the same time. Once the doors opened the guy who was the 1st one at The Troxy was unfortunately sent to the cloakroom which was a complete travesty. Photography using cameras was banned but taking photos on mobiles was fine. Seriously I was upset at this policy as they could of at least informed everyone prior to the doors. The nightmare that awaited me was the fact my ticket kept on saying Invalid whenever it was scanned. After three attempts nothing happened so the stub was just ripped off. At this point a lot of fans were passing me when I had to wait at the side while this was rectified. Fortunately my friends who were at the other end of the queue outside saved me a spot which I was rather thankful for. Being 2nd or 3rd row at a Garbage gig is something I didn’t want to happen.

Garbage consist of Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Steve Marker and Duke Erikson. The crowd were going wild the moment they all took to the stage. Shirley made her entrance wearing a black sleeveless jacket and red and black striped hot pants. The 90 minute set started with the grungy Supervixen. This song which was the opening track to the self titled album is basically saying idolise me. Supervixen was literally belted out. Temptation Waits followed on and this song was different compared to the opening number. For starters the verses are spoken but then you had the amazing thumping chorus. This number was delivered with plenty of gusto. Shut Your Mouth was next and it gained the cheers. I really liked this number and the verses were upbeat and rapped. While you could feel the energy flowing from its chorus. “Look what we have here. Where have you all been all these years? So what have you been doing in 7 years? What’s been going on? What have you done? What have you thought? What have you wished for? What have you dreamed for? What have you loved? What have you looked at? It’s all too much but It just feels so good to do it again” Manson said before getting stuck into Queer. This rock song was rather edgy and I thought the slick chorus was fantastic. Metal Heart sounded like old school Garbage and was delivered to perfection. It was then onto the biggest hit by Garbage. This being Stupid Girl and it was surprising that it appeared early in the set. This was a rock song with a hint of electronica. Stupid Girl was one sublime song which Shirley delivered perfectly. “I just want say what an unbelievable surprise this has been for us. I just want to say it has blown us away the welcome we have received from you” Manson then said to the packed crowd. It was then onto the highlight from Bleed Like Me and this being Why Do You Love Me. Before this song she got Porkchop to change her footwear. This up tempo rock song was rather infectious and had some impressive guitar riffs. Literally everyone sang along to the powerful chorus. Whilst The World Is Not Enough was a rock song it was delivered at a steady pace and it wasn’t too overpowering. Shirley’s vocal range on this song was spine tingling. Straight after it was onto the intense #1 Crush. The lyrics tell you that Shirley is obsessing about a guy and would do anything for him. Cherry Lips was next and this was a rock song with a dash of pop. Everyone chanted away to the line “Go Baby Go”. It was then onto a double dosage of new songs from the 5th album Not Your Kind Of People (these two songs also appeared on a vinyl especially for Record Store Day 2012). First up was Blood For Poppies and I found this song to be upbeat/ up tempo. My favourite part was the wonderful/ powerful chorus. “This is old school Garbage. This is called Milk. Oh it’s not old school Garbage. Duke you were right. You were right and I was wrong” Shirley said accidentally skipping the next song which was Battle In Me. This number was delivered strongly and Manson put every ounce of energy into this. “It’s getting fricking hot here in Troxy” Shirley said before launching into the slow paced Milk. It was then onto another new song and this being Man On A Wire. I really liked this song. The lyrics were clear cut and you can picture an image for it. The chorus was rather energetic. Getting the greatest response from the packed crowd was I Think I’m Paranoid. Everyone sang along to the rampant chorus. It was then back to another track from Bleed Like Me and this being its opening number Bad Boyfriend. This song was about a boyfriend who’s bad but in a good way. It was delivered with a lot of enthusiasm. “That one was for the boys. But I’m looking down at the audience and I see lots of beautiful girls. I see you people” Manson said before Only Happy When It Rains. This song started off very pop as the opening verse was slow in tempo and rather gentle. Then when Shirley sang the line “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” that is when the song became extremely powerful. The crowd loved this song as everyone was chanting the line “Pour Your Misery Down On Me”. Literally this song was belted out. “You just keep on surprising us” Shirley then said before giving out a few shout outs. Ending what had been a phenomenal night was Push It. Once over the band leave the stage only to return moments later for a 3 song encore. Things kicked off with another new track and this being Automatic Systematic Habit. I rather liked this up tempo song, I found the verses to be rather smooth and luscious. “This is the finest single malt my Dad brought down from Scotland today. He took it into the boys room, not my room of course” Shirley said before toasting to the band. It was then onto The Trick Is To Keep Breathing. This number was both mellow and very chilled out. Vow ended what had been an incredible night and the atmosphere from the crowd was simply electric. Manson also paid homage to Patti Smith by including the line “Because The Night Belongs To Lovers”. Once over Shirley saluted the crowd and the band made their exit.


Temptation Waits
Shut Your Mouth
Metal Heart
Stupid Girl
Why Do You Love Me
The World Is Not Enough
#1 Crush
Cherry Lips
Blood For Poppies
Battle In Me
Man On A Wire
I Think I’m Paranoid
Bad Boyfriend
Only Happy When It Rains
Push It


Automatic Systematic Habit
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

OVERALL: This gig was spectacular and I liked the fact they delved into material from the first 4 albums Garbage, Version 2.0, Beautiful Garbage and Bleed Like Me. The new material that was showcased sounded brilliant and I’m guessing when they are back in the UK in July the set will feature heavily on the new album. I mainly purchased a ticket due to nostalgia. Garbage were amazing back in the day and they still are. It was a pleasure to hear songs such as Why Do You Love Me, Only Happy When It Rains, Stupid Girl and I Think I’m Paranoid played out live. Even though I did enjoy myself I have a gut feeling that the end is approaching for Garbage (touring wise).


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