Slow Club @ The Haunt 2nd May 2012

Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor make up the wonderful folk band Slow Club. Since the release of 2nd album Paradise they have recruited both Avvon Chambers on drums and Steve “Sweet Baboo” Black on bass. This was the first time I had witnessed Slow Club play in Brighton and the thing I most like about gigs down by the coast is they have an intimate feel whatever the venue may be. The choice of venue was The Haunt which I have never attended before. I saw somewhere that the capacity was 500 people but it seemed less. Supporting on the night were Two Jackals and Martin Creed. I actually rather liked Martin’s set it reminded me of The Bobby McGee’s.

When 9.30 arrived Slow Club immediately took to the stage and went straight into Where I’m Waking. The verses were shared between Charles and Rebecca. This song was extremely infectious and oozed plenty of energy. My favourite part had to be the middle 8. It was then straight into Yeah So track Our Most Brilliant Friends. Whereas Where I’m Waking was mainly sung by Rebecca (w/ Charles harmonising) this song was mainly sung by Charles (w/ Rebecca harmonising). Our Most Brilliant Friends was a fast flowing number and it was delivered powerfully. “Hiya is everyone alright? This is fun. Is everyone having a nice time? We’re going to play songs from our incredible 2nd album Paradise”  Rebecca then said to the rowdy audience. It was then onto Never Look Back. This was a nice gentle song and there was a slow pace which picked up nearer the end. The parts Rebecca sang were belted out. “This is another brilliant song now. Everyone ready? It’s a quiet one this, so calm down” Taylor said to the audience. Charles mainly sang the gentle Horses Jumping, it’s one beautiful song and it was a great shame people were talking though out it. Towards the end Rebecca harmonised to perfection. If We’re Still Alive then followed on. This song packed a punch and this infectious song was extremely up-tempo. You could feel plenty of energy oozing from it. “We’re going to play some new songs from an EP we’re going to do. Somebody booed at me when I said that. I unleashed one full can of PMT on his arse. So be careful. Speaking of which this is a horribly emotional horrible song about something horrible” Taylor then said to the audience. This luscious song was a Rebecca solo. I found Only If You’re Certain to be very entrancing and the harmonising by Charles was superb. I found it rather beautiful at the same time. There was something ever so hypnotic about this song. Next it was onto my favourite song from Paradise and this being Beginners which Rebecca Taylor sang the majority of. Taylor took to the electric guitar and I found this number to be rather up-tempo/ infectious at the same time. Charles took the lead for Everything Is New with Rebecca harmonising. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had some brilliant lyrics. “That was a new song called Everything Is New. Now we’re going to play a song which was our last single” Watson said to the audience before introducing the next song as The Dog. Again it was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca adding the harmonies. The song was very up tempo plus it was delivered with plenty of gusto. “This is another song which is going to be on the new EP. This is called Not Mine To Love” Taylor said before launching into another solo. This being Not Mine To Love which rather impressed me and was mesmerising at the same time. It actually sounded slightly soulful and its lyrics were sublime. “This is our last song. Thank you for coming” Watson said before signing off with Two Cousins. This song was really catchy and you’re captivated from the very start. Also it was very upbeat. The band leave the stage only to return for what was a two song encore. The first song being Hackney Marsh which was mellowing and sung by both Watson and Taylor. What stole this song was the epic sax solo by Steve “Sweet Baboo” Black who appeared on the balcony. Ending the night was Giving Up On Love. This song was highly infectious and up tempo with lyrics you just want to sing along to. Bundles of energy oozod from this song.


Where I’m Waking
Out Most Brilliant Friends
Never Look Back
Horses Jumping
If We’re Still Alive
Only If You’re Certain
Everything Is New
The Dog
Not Mine To Love
Two Cousins


Hackney Marsh
Giving Up On Love

OVERALL: Apart from the talking throughout the songs, I rather enjoyed this evening. The set was extraordinary and I especially liked the more intimate feel you get when going to gigs outside of London. I rather liked the new songs as well especially Not Mine To Love.


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