Little Boots @ XOYO 4th May 2012

After witnessing Little Boots for the 1st time since 2009 at Rough Trade East on Record Store Day the headline XOYO show was something I was rather relishing. I arrived around 4pm and it wasn’t until an 1hr later the next person arrived. The best thing about XOYO is there the XO bar joining it. So I just mainly hung in there because it was warm. Supporting this evening was Ronika which I was rather looking forward to. Doors opened on time 7.30pm and Ronika was due to take to the stage at 8pm. This was an early show and ended at 10 mainly due to something else taking place that evening.

Hailing from Nottingham was Veronica Sampson (AKA Ronika). I had heard of her but never witnessed a live performance. Sampson is one talented singer/ songwriter and she even has her own record label Record Shop. At the moment Veronica has 3 EPs (Do or Die/ Paper, Scissors, Stones, Forget Yourself/ Wiyoo and Only Only/ In The City) to her name and début single Automatic which has only been recently released. Ronika is a rising star who has what it takes to blossom in the music industry. This 8 song set opened up with Wiyoo. It stuck a chord with me straight away. The style of the music is synth pop and it sounds a lot like Madonna’s material in the 80’s. This song was incredibly catchy and went down well with the audience. It was then into In The City which had superbly written lyrics and an infectious melody. This song was also up beat as well and was delivered to perfection. It definitely has what it takes to be played at discos. “Good evening my name is Ronika and this is my band exhibit A and exhibit B. We would like you to take a moment to locate your nearest band memeber” Sampson then said before getting stuck into Only Only. This feel good song showcased her extraordinary vocal talents. This gentle track was definitely one you could have a good dance to. It was then straight into Forget Yourself. This upbeat song again was perfectly danceable to. The lyrics were fantastic and it also sampled the melody of The Message by Grandmaster Flash. Do Or Die was up next and this number was a funky disco number which had a fast flowing pace. Automatic which is the current single was an up tempo infectious bubble gum dance pop track which showed plenty of promise. This was a hell of a feel good song. “Thank you so much everyone for coming out tonight. Thank you for coming nice and early to catch us. My name’s Ronika and we’ve nearly finished our set” Veronica said before launching into 1000 Nights. This song offered plenty of promise and offers luscious lyrics which were rather sublime. For this track she took off her shades that she had on. 1001 Nights was a highlight for me and has to feature on the début album. This epic set ended with another old track and this being System Error. I found System Error to be a lovely infectious synth pop song which oozed bundles of energy.


In The City
Only Only
Forget Yourself
Do Or Die
1000 Nights
System Error

At 9pm it was then onto some glorious electro pop and this coming in the form of Little Boots. Today was Victoria Hesketh’s birthday and it was the first time they had performed in London for quite a long time. The evening started with a musical opening when they made their presence on the stage and this lead to Stuck On Repeat. This song was the first release by Boots back in 2008 and it was delivered at a steady pace with some catchy lyrics. I especially liked the chorus. The atmosphere was electric, everyone was having a good time and Victoria was only one song in. “This is Little Boots, how are you?” Hesketh said to the sold out audience before getting stuck into something new and this being Motorway. I rather liked its clear cut lyrics which gave you the vision of what was happening during it. “Good evening everybody, thank you so so much for coming out tonight. It is my birthday, what a better way of spend it with you lot” Victoria said before diving into New In Town. This was a catchy number which was played at a steady pace. The lyrics were strong plus the killer chorus was rather powerful. New In Town was a feel good song, which was up beat and you felt obliged to sing along. “This is another new song. It’s about going out to a club, so you’re thinking the music is sh*t. So you secretly take your iPod and your headphones. So you don’t have to listen to it. You can do whatever you want and no body knows. Not that I do that but that’s what this songs about” Hesketh said before launching into Headphones. Out of the new songs sung on the night this was the most promising and it is definitely single material. This electro pop sounded amazing and had luscious verses and an upbeat infectious chorus. Also it is very quirky as the lyrics mention about wearing headphones at the disco. Bundles of energy flowed from this track.

“Did you guys catch Ronika” Boots said before Hands track Earthquake. This song oozed energy. Both verses and chorus were extremely infectious. Like New In Town you feel obliged to sing along to the powerful chorus. “This is the best birthday ever. Why can’t I do this every birthday? It’s the best thing in the world. It’s so nice to be playing live again. Its been a while” Hesketh said before the penultimate new song on the night and this being Crescendo. This steady paced song was delivered with plenty of gusto. I found this number to be rather soothing and beautiful at the same time. “I want to see you dance. As soon as this is over meet me upstairs” Victoria then said referring to the after party which happened straight after she had finished. It was then onto Mathematics which was a superb contagious song. Plenty of people sang along to this track. This was a song you can dance to and my favourite part was its chorus. It was straight into the new single Every Night I Say A Prayer which was released on Trax Records. This power pop song had a uplifting chorus and you just want to thump your fist in the air. During this number Hesketh was joined by the dancers (whom appeared in the video) on the stage. Closing the set was the infectious electro pop number Remedy. This song was packed with a punch and had a killer chorus you just want to sing along to. “Thank you so much, you’ve been amazing” Victoria said as she signed off and left the stage. Only that wasn’t the end as everyone was chanting for an encore. Things ended with the epic club friendly Shake.


Stuck On Repeat
New In Town
Every Night I Say A Prayer



OVERALL: This was one extraordinary evening and I enjoyed every single minute. The set by Little Boots was a perfect mix of new and old tracks. If I had to pick one new song it had to be Headphones. Basically that song has everything it is extremely catchy to begin with.

I found the set by Ronika quite entracing and she is definitely a star in the making. I look forward till when the album is released later this summer.


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