Heathers @ Barfly 26th April 2012

Hailing from the Emerald Isles are twin sisters Ellie and Louise Macnamara. Just seeing them play was quite a rare treat as they don’t perform in the UK that often. The last time I saw them both play was at The Camden Crawl last year and Monto Water Rats a couple of days before that. As soon as I saw Heathers were to headline at Camden’s Barfly I knew I had to purchase a ticket purely on the basis that I found debut album Here, Not There extremely infectious and the fact that I love the indie/ folk music that they both sing. They have change quite a bit since I last saw them and this being the fact that they have a band backing them. The set that was performed mainly consisted of new songs that were complete crackers. Plus you had the old classics from the début album. Things kicked off with the upbeat Circular Road which I found to be rather infectious. The lyrics were brilliant and both Ellie and Louise’s vocals complimented one another. I look forward to hearing the mastered version when they release their sophomore album. “Thanks so much for coming out tonight” Louise said to the audience before getting stuck into another new song. Now Waiter was a soft, gentle song which was delivered with plenty of passion. “Has anyone see Cats the musical? We’ve never seen it but we were always massive fans. We wanted to call this song Mr. Mistoffelees. But our brother helped us change our mind” Louise told the audience. She also revealed that this was the 2nd – 3rd time they performed with a backing band. It was then onto The 3rd Rail. This song had superbly written lyrics which were delivered with plenty of gusto. Lions, Tigers, Bears followed on and I found the verses up beat and catchy at the same time. It definitely has the potential to be a future single. This track went down well with the audience and someone asked for them to talk about cats. “I could talk about cats all day” Ellie said before Louise replied with “We have a slight obsession with Cats”. It was then onto Forget Me Knots which I found to be rather beautiful. It started off with just Ellie and Louise then the drums kicked in to make the steady paced song slightly more powerful. This number had superb written lyrics which were delivered to perfection. “This next song is called Listen Don’t Speak” Louise then said to the audience. I found Listen Don’t Speak to be rather delicate and beautiful at the same time. There was something rather entrancing with both Ellie and Louise’s vocals. “So we’re going to play an old song or two” Louise told the audience before performing something completely acoustic. They then launched into the début single Remember When which was dubbed the sound track of the Irish summer. This was a gentle song which is extremely catchy. As much as I love every single track from Here, Not There, Remember When is the track that stands out the most. “This next song is actually the 1st song we ever wrote. It’s about Reading In The Dark” Louise then went onto say. They literally blitzed through this song. The steady paced Reading In The Dark oozed plenty of passion. “This next song is another new song. This song is called We Burn Bridges” Ellie then went onto say. We Burn Bridges had a wonderful opening which was played on the keyboard. As for this song I found it to be rather gentle and smooth. It was then onto Flight which was sung perfectly. Once the song started Ellie came in too early. This again offered plenty of promise and makes me want to have the new album in my hands now. “We’re going to play 2 more songs. They’re nice songs” Louise then said after a couple of peopled groaned. It was then onto Gather Up which sounded amazing and extremely different at the same time. This song was rather up tempo and also there was a little of bit of trance music towards the end. The vocals were powerful and you could tell they were giving it their all. “So this will be our last song. Thank you so so much for coming out to see us” Louise said before pointing out there were people from Ireland whom attended this evening. Find A Way ended an incredible evening. This song was very up tempo and belted out at the same time. Once over both Ellie and Louise leave the stage but don’t get far as people chanted for one more song. Ending the extraordinary evening was the audience pleasing Slices Of Palama. This had been released in the UK at the start of the 2011. Now what can I say about the performance of this song other than the fact it was amazing. Well Slices Of Palama was extremely up tempo, it was delivered strongly and you could sense the passion from this song.


Circular Road
The 3rd Rail
Lions, Tigers, Bears
Forget Me Knots
Listen Don’t Speak
Remember When
Reading In The Dark
We Burn Bridges
Gather Up
Find A Way


Slices Of Palama

OVERALL: I rather enjoyed this night. Even though I have been a fan of Heathers since 2008, this was only the 4th time I have seen them play. The songs that were showcased were ace and in my eyes they will feature on the forthcoming album. Since their début I reckon they have improved greatly and definitely deserve a bigger UK fanbase.

Even though I loved all the new songs on the night, If I had to pick one that stood out it would have to be Lions, Tigers, Bears.


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