Indigo Earth @ Kings Cross, St Pancras 26th April 2012

The Station Sessions is a festival that takes place in the most unusual sounding and that being Kings Cross, St Pancras. Now I have been to quite a few of these unique sessions and have been thoroughly impressed by what I have heard. Today I was diving into the deep end by witnessing two acts I knew fairly little about. I attended to see Natalie McCool but I was left entranced as soon as Indigo Earth performed during the 2nd half.

“Hello everyone. This first song is called Your Hero and it’s about a stalker I had called Boris” McCool said to the intimate audience when she was on the stage. Opening up the short 30 minute set was Your Hero. This was a wonderful mellowing song which was delivered gently on Natalie’s acoustic guitar. Its lyrics were brilliant and you can clearly imagine what is happening. The vocals were strong and the harmonising was spot on. “This song is about a really hard time that I was having. I just kind of chose something to get me through. It’s kind of like my idea of a black sun, something that you really rely on but not particularly good for you” Natalie said before getting stuck into the next song. Black Sun was taken from the EP of the same name. I found this song to be slightly dark but it didn’t fail to impress me. The verses were excellent, plus there was a up tempo chorus which was both infectious and mellowing at the same time. “This next song is called Size Zero and it’s about just the kind of Fashion Industry and models and you know pressure on young women” McCool then mentioned to the audience. Size Zero was an impressive song which tackled a controversial subject. This song was played at a steady pace and had powerful lyrics. “This next song is a relatively new single” Natalie said before launching into On Fire. I found this song both up tempo and infectious. The lyrics were delivered with plenty of power and I especially liked the soothing melody. “Has anybody seen the movie Drive? It’s still a really good song anyway and it’s from the soundtrack of that film” McCool said to the audience. Now I am aware of the film but I have never seen it before despite people mentioning it to me. This cover version was Nightcall which was originally sung by Brazilian singer Lovefoxxx (who is also the lead singer in CSS). Natalie made this song her own and the vocals were impeccable. “This song is called Fortune and it’s on a AA side with On Fire. Thank You for listening” Natalie said before ending with Fortune. I found this song to be incredible and McCool’s vocal range was extraordinary. The loved Fortune’s lyrics and I found this up beat song to be full flowing.


Your Hero
Black Sun
Size Zero
On Fire

The 2nd performance came from 5 piece group Indigo Earth. This London based band consist of Amy Wilson, Ben Nash, Matt Facy, Jess Sawers-Warren and Tom Smith. The majority of this 6 song set was a showcase of tracks that appeared on the self titled Indigo Earth EP. Things opened up with Cold Light Of Day which completely captivated me the moment Wilson sang. The harmonising was sublime and this was a feel good song. This number was played at a steady pace and had superbly written lyrics. “We’re Indigo Earth and we wanted to play this station for a while” Amy said before following on with Wise Man. Amy took the lead again for the verses but there was a lot of harmonising. Indigo Earth’s genre is Folk music and from the opening two songs it is something they sing well. The vocals were extremely tight and they all gel together to create something entrancing.

“The last time we all came here we were going to play a gig in Paris. It was really exciting. I kind of wish we were doing that afterwards, but we’re not” Wilson said before they launched into Satisfied Alive. Ben Nash took the lead for this song and it sounded amazing. This song does not feature on the EP but I was left rather impressed with this number. This track was delivered strongly and oozed plenty of energy. For The Son followed on straight after and I found this song to be rather gentle which had some fantastic lyrics. Wilson took lead for this power charged track and the rest of the band harmonised perfectly. It was then onto the penultimate song of the evening and this being Light The World Up which Ben took the lead for. I would actually say this song is Folk/ Rock and could be seen as an anthem. Light The World Up is packed with promise and it has to feature on another EP or album. I also found this number very up tempo/ up beat and infectious at the same time. “This is our last song. We’ve been Indigo Earth. Hope you’ve enjoyed” Nash then said to everyone who stood there listening. The evening ended with Makes Me Wonder. This song was simply stunning. Amy Wilson’s vocals were extremely distinctive and the harmonising made this number stronger. Also nearing the end of the song there was a little sing along part.


Cold Light Of Day
Wise Man
Satisfied Alive
For The Son
Light The World Up
Makes Me Wonder

OVERALL: This short 60 minute slot featured two outstanding performances that left me spell bound. Natalie McCool is signed to Grammy Award winning music producer Steve Levine’s Hubris Records. Her set was very pop and captivated me from the very start.

As for Indigo Earth, basically the set that was performed blew my mind. They were simply amazing. Unlike Natalie this set oozed the folk vibe and it is something that was right up my street. Each song sung was brilliant and I must again mention about how faultless the vocals were.

Seriously you NEED to check both Natalie and Indigo Earth.


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