Keane @ Rough Trade East 21st April 2012

Record Store Day is an something I always attend every April. Certain record stores always put on live events to mark this special day. Two shops that stood out for me were Rough Trade East (Little Boots, Keane) and Rough Trade West (Smoke Fairies, Allo Darlin). At 2.30pm I arrived at Rough Trade East and I was surprised by the fact I could go straight in. I then purchased 2 vinyl’s that I couldn’t get in the morning then headed for the stage. There were some people who had been there since Johnny Flynn’s set at noon plus there were quite a few Keane fans at the front as well. At 4pm Victoria Hesketh (AKA Little Boots) took to the stage. One noticeable absentee being the tenori on. Opening up this short but sweet set was debut single Stuck On Repeat which was played at a steady pace and has some incredibly catchy lyrics. “I’m Little Boots. Thank You so much for coming out today on Record Store Day. I’m quite nervous this is our first gig in London for quite a while but we’re going to play some new songs for you” Victoria said before launching into a brand new song and this being Headphones. This is probably most promising new song and it is definitely single material. This electro pop sounded amazing and had luscious verses and an upbeat infectious chorus. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this amazing tune. “So that’s a new song off of my new record which is coming out later this year. Thank You for being patient and waiting” Hesketh said after that new song went down well with the crowd. It was then onto New In Town. This was a catchy number which was played at a steady pace. The lyrics were strong plus the killer chorus was rather powerful. “So the whole point of us being here today is that we have a vinyl out especially for Record Store Day. This is a limited edition track which is coming out on 679 and Trax Records which if you are nerdy and you will know is a label from Chicago that helped to do with the start of house music” Victoria said before getting stuck into Every Night I Say A Prayer. This was a power pop song with lovely verses and an uplifting chorus. “This is just a very short set. If you want to come and see the full experience we’re playing in 2 weeks in Shoreditch on 4th May. Thank You so much it is lovely to be back and to be playing” Victoria said before capping things off with Shake. I liked this song but it is very different compared to Headphones and Every Night I Say A Prayer. If there is one Little Boots song club friendly it would have to be this one.


Stuck On Repeat
New In Town
Every Night I Say A Prayer

“We’re without 2 members of Keane today for which we apologise. They’re just skiving off. But you got me and Tim. So I hope that’s enough” Tom Chaplin said to the packed crowd. This set was just going to be Chaplin and Rice – Oxley who played keyboard throughout. Even though it was disappointing not to have the band playing but just having these two made it slightly special. This Is The Last Time kicked this set off. This number was extremely infectious and Tom’s vocals were really powerful. There was actually an acoustic feel to this song and the fact Chaplin was accompanied by just keyboard worked wonders. It was then straight into Everybody’s Changing. This catchy tune had wonderful up tempo lyrics which were delivered to perfection. “The real reason we’re here today is because of Record Store Day which is a lovely thing to be part of. There’s a little Record Store in my local town which is unbelievable coz it’s such a rare thing these days. It’s lovely that these places still exist. It’s important these places stay alive” Chaplin said before showcasing Sovereign Light Cafe which is taken from the forthcoming album Strangeland. This was a bittersweet song about the attempts to keep a relationship together. Sovereign Light Cafe had lovely infectious lyrics which complimented the keyboard. “I was thinking to myself halfway through that for a new song someone in the crowd knows the words to that really well and then I turned around and realised that Tim was singing backing vocals” Tom then said before delving into another song from début album Hopes & Fears and this being Bedshaped which was delivered at a slow pace. The lyrics were belted out and this heartfelt song sounded amazing. Straight after it was onto the Pop Rock single taken from Under The Iron Sea and this being Is It Any Wonder? Only without guitars this number sounded more mellow with lyrics that oozed plenty of energy. This song has to be the highlight from the 2nd album. “The next song we’re going to play is, I hope this song a few of you are beginning to hear on the radio” Chaplin said before launching into the first single taken from the new album Strangeland and this being Silenced By The Night. This song was rather smooth and was delivered faultlessly. It sent shivers up my spine. Silenced By The Night offers plenty of promise. “So I think we’ve got time left for 1 more song. Thank You so much for coming out and watching us” Tom said before ending with Somewhere Only We Know. I found this tune to be rather entrancing and plenty of people were singing along. Somewhere Only We Know was a beautiful pop song which was very sleek and had lyrics which were delivered with plenty of energy.


This Is The Last Time
Everybody’s Changing
Sovereign Light Cafe
Is It Any Wonder?
Silenced By The Night
Somewhere Only We Know

OVERALL: Record Store Day is Christmas and Birthday rolled into one. This was the first time I attended Rough Trade East to see two fascinating live acts. Even with being up for 36 hours straight, I still enjoyed myself.

Firstly regarding Little Boots. The set was a mixture of new and old material. Out of the songs sung the only one I hadn’t heard was Headphones. It is so good to have Victoria back playing her own brand of infectious Pop songs. The prospect of the new album makes my mouth water.

Finally Keane there aren’t enough words to describe how extraordinary it was. Yes it may of not been the full band but with it being only the two made it rather special. What was performed were 7 fantastic acoustic songs. I was pleased that they didn’t focus on material from Strangeland. But the 2 songs which were performed from that album were stunning.


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  1. Angela Riddell says:

    I was one of the Keane fans at the front! We had originally arrived to a packed crowd just as Johnny Flynn took to the stage. After he finshed the place emptied, therefore we saw our chance & camped out front stage. It was an amazing day filled with highs & lows. Another great band that performed on the day were The Heartbreaks, who are definitely worthy of notation. It’s the first time I’d heard of them, but I just loved there infectious pop janglyness! Keane were supreme in their performance & were well worth the wait! No-one can fail to be impressed my Tom’s note perfect, soaring live vocals. It was a real treat to see them in such a small & intimate venue. I literally had to look up at Tom, who was directly in front of me. It’s a true reflection of how amazing their songs are when they can be stripped back bare to only vocals & keyboards. An awesome day which I will never forget!

    1. Planet Music says:

      I fully agree with you. Hearing songs stripped back are extra special. The whole evening was rather surreal as seeing Keane (Tom & Tim) play up close. It is something I will never forget. Loved the new songs as well especially Sovereign Light Cafe.

  2. I was down the front for the Keane spot too but respected my eardrums too much to stay there all day (Wet Nuns, Keeping It Real) Here’s my vid of Sovereign Light Cafe as you enjoyed it so much.

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