Bebe Black @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 20th April 2012

Back in 2011 the incredible Bebe Black signed to Columbia Records after the hype was spread from demo ‘I’ll Wait’. I first witnessed her perform at the Little Noise Sessions which both Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland headlined. There Black was the first artist to open up and even though I knew very little about her then, I was left entranced with how amazing she actually was. So the moment I saw Bebe Black was to perform at The Station Sessions, I literally jumped at the chance and attended what was an outstanding evening. There is actually not a lot of material in the public domain. Things kicked off with Radio which was played at a steady pace and had an upbeat/ infectious chorus. Its lyrics were perfect and clear cut. You could clearly picture what was happening in the song in your head. “Thankyou very much. I’m Bebe Black” she then said to the audience before getting stuck into Deathwish. This was a song I had heard and it sounded incredible. Bebe’s vocals sent chills down my spine. The way she hit the high notes at ease reminded me of Catherine Pockson from Alpines. “This is called Three Strikes” Black said before playing the said song. Basically Three Strikes sounded amazing and the lyrics were fantastic. This song was rather upbeat and the vocals were incredibly distinctive. I look forward to hearing the studio version to this brilliant song. Promises was played straight after. There was a steady pace but as soon as Bebe got to the chorus the song became rather smooth and sleek. Also this track had infectious lyrics as well. “So we’re going to do one more. This is I’ll Wait. Thankyou very much to those that stopped and watched. Hoping you won’t be late for your trains” Black said before ending the captivating 6 song set. I’ll Wait was an incredible song with powerful lyrics and the vocals were sublime. “Thankyou very much. I’m Bebe Black and this is my band. Thanks for watching” she then said after delivering a set which left me wanting more.


Three Strikes
I’ll Wait

OVERALL: Bebe Black is a phenomenal artist with extraordinary vocals. Literally everyone should listen to this girl because I think she has the capability of becoming huge. Before that happens more material (other than Bones and I’ll Wait) needs to be released into the public domain. Her vocals are extremely distinctive and the genre of her music is Jazz meets Pop which is the perfect combination for her. I for one look forward to seeing her play again and hearing new material on her very own Soundcloud page.


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