Rachel Sermanni @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 19th April 2012

Rachel Sermanni is one adorable Scot who mesmerised me with material from the current Black Currents EP. 19 year old Rachel Sermanni is one talented Singer/Songwriter and she has supported acts such as Mumford and Sons, KT Tunstall, John Grant and Elvis Costello in the past. Rachel Sermanni is an artist I’m aware of but after plenty of people I know have been raving about her I therefore decided to witness her myself. She was playing at The Lexington later that evening but unfortunately I could not attend. Instead I settled for the next best thing and this being the Station Sessions. Now I have been to quite a few sessions and I must admit the setting in a busy train station was rather surreal. “Hello everybody. My name is Rachel Sermanni and I’m going to sing you some songs with these ladies” Sermanni then said to the audience before kicking off proceedings with Breathe Easy. I picked up on the Folk feel straight away and the vocals were extremely distinctive. This song was a delicate acoustic song with added keys and strings. It was then straight into The Fog. I found this number to be slightly eerie and dark as well. It was completely different to the light Breathe Easy. There was plenty of power put into this performance of this song. “So many things are happening in this station which is quite fun, like the tannoy was in key so that’s good. Feeling musical” Sermanni said before delving into a song from The Bothy Sessions EP and this being Waltz. Before singing the song Rachel said “We need some romantic couple to sort of reunite”. I must admit this number was both amazing and entrancing. I could feel chills up my spine. This was one light song. After Rachel plugged her gig that she was playing later on that evening and what followed was Bones. This fantastic song showcased off Sermanni’s excellent song writing skills. It was then onto the final song of the evening. “This is an apt song because it begins on a train. So lets all imagine” Rachel said before playing Song For A Fox. This song captivated me from beginning to end and for me it was a personal highlight of mine. The lyrics were perfect and the harmonising was phenomenal.


Breathe Easily
The Fog
Song For A Fox

OVERALL: Rachel Sermanni has something extremely special. I was left hypnotised during this sweet set. What was showcased was material from the current Black Currents EP plus another 2 songs. Sermanni is someone I most definitely want to see again and if you haven’t heard any of her material check her out.


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