Elissa Franceschi @ Floripa 18th April 2012

Despite battling illness, Elissa Franceschi sung a superb 7 song set with plenty of gusto. Taking to the stage at 9.30 Elissa kicked things off with First Week Of June. The vocals were extremely powerful and it was clear to see that Franceschi was putting every ounce of energy into it. I found the melody to be catchy and the bridge was brilliant. This was the a full band gig and literally I was blown away. “My name is Elissa Franceschi and this is my awesome band” and the next song Becoming The Enemy was played straight away. I would have to say that this is one of favourite songs from Into The Light. Franceschi was a powerhouse delivering this song to perfection. Becoming The Enemy was extremely upbeat and had plenty of attitude. Its lyrics were both amazing and infectious as well. “I must say I don’t think I have ever been this ill” Elissa then said. What followed after was the beautiful track Salt. Now I adore this number. “It is about finding hope in desperate places and friendship” Franceschi said before launching into it. Salt was a gentle/ soothing track which left me entranced. Once over there was a short break. This evening was similar to events put on at The Bedford where they split each slot up. “Hello everyone, nice to see you again. Thankyou very much for having us. We’ve got 4 more songs for you and we are going to go off and enjoy the other other artists” Elissa then said before playing the beautiful Rainbow On Fire. This performance was different and this due to the fact Franceschi was not on the keyboard. Rainbow On Fire was a soothing/ moving ballad. I was left captivated from the very start. The lyrics were fantastic and you could pick up on plenty of passion. Once over Elissa then introduced her wonderful band. “This next song is about a guy I met when I was about 17. I subsequently kept bumping into him every few years and it’s just one of those weird serendipity type moments when you’re like just OK, Why do we keep bumping into each other?” Franceschi said before introducing the next song as Elliot. This track began as a duet then Elissa took over the reins and sung this sublime song. This song oozed plenty of energy. “This next song is the title track off my 3rd album and I have loads with me” Franceschi mentioned to the audience before revealing that a video will be may in June and the rest of the band would get dressed up in funny outfits. Into The Light was the next track to be played. The harmonising was spot on and there were impressive guitar riffs. Ending what was an outstanding evening was something that was rather special. “This is just a bit of fun” Elissa said before launching into their own take on En Vogue’s Don’t Let Go (Love). This cover was energetic and it was delivered faultlessly.


First Week Of June
Becoming The Enemy
Rainbow On Fire
Into The Light
Don’t Let Go (Love)

Elissa may have been the headline artist on the bill but there was another act who nearly stole the show. This being Cornwall’s very own Brontë Dyer or Brontë as she’s better known as. Now Dyer is one talented singer songwriter whom performed 3 stunning songs during her opening set. The style of her music was Folk meets Pop and I was left entranced and taken aback at how amazing this unsigned artist actually was. Currently Brontë only has one release to her name and this being the Carousel EP. Coming on around 8.40 Dyer kicked off with the title track to that album and this being Carousel. She was accompanied by someone on violin which made each song sound incredible. Also the harmonising was superb. Dyer’s vocals were extremely sweet and rather hypnotic at the same time. “I’m going to do my first cover of the evening which is by a band called Coldplay” Brontë went onto say before taking on The Scientist. She made this song her own and it sounded stunning. This short set ended with another composition by Dyer and this being Somebody Else which was a song about boys. I rather enjoyed this number. The tempo was steady and the vocals were powerful. It is stunning to think that she is unsigned.


The Scientist
Somebody Else

OVERALL: I admire Elissa Franceschi for still going ahead with this gig considering she was really ill. Franceschi gave it her all and I can tell that music is something she is rather passionate about. I enjoyed this evening and it certainly isn’t the last time I see her play live. Each song played wowed me. I must say Becoming The Enemy is one fierce song and a complete cracker as well.

As for Brontë words cannot describe how amazing she actually was. I see her as an upcoming talent who can easily prosper as she has amazing songs underneath her belt. Like I mentioned above the style of music is Pop meets Folk which is one incredible combination. Brontë Dyer definitely has something plus she is an incredible song writer at the same time. Keeping tabs on her career is a must.


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