Noah and the Whale @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 17th April 2012

Shepherd’s Bush Empire was the choice of venue to end the final leg of the Last Night On Earth tour. Doors opened at 7pm and there were 2 support acts instead of just the 1 that had been listed. Things kicked off with 19 year old Blackpool born Rae Morris. Currently she is signed to Atlantic Records and is one talented singer songwriter. I see Morris as an upcoming talent who already has a début EP For You to her name. The short set was rather captivating and I definitely want to see her perform again. Other that being a super talented singer songwriter Rae had incredible keyboard skills. Second on the night were Bahamas. This band were rather interesting but they were missing the drummer.

Noah and the Whale took to the stage around 9.15pm looking rather dapper in their suits. This incredible 18 song set started with Life Is Life. I adore the beat and the lyrics were fantastic. One of the lines in the song is “And feels like his new life can start” and you do wonder if Fink is referring to himself as the Last Night On Earth is a lot more perkier than prior album First Days Of Spring. Straight after it was onto Just Me Before We Met which had a steady pace. Some parts had a faster pace and overall this song was delivered powerfully. “We are Noah and the Whale. It’s a great pleasure to be here” Fink said before getting stuck into Give It All Back. I its introduction and it was very fast in pace. The lyrics were rather strong which Charlie belted out. This was the bands newest single. It was then onto a trio of songs from Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down starting with Give A Little Love. This number had a steady pace and the lyrics were fantastic. Also the harmonising was spot on. The final bit of this song was epic it was an instrumental with song with impressive guitar riffs and violin playing. “My shoe lace just came untied. I thought safety first” Charlie told the audience. It was then onto Rocks & Daggers which was playful and had a toe tapping beat. When the song dies down and the violin is played the crowd start to cheer only for Fink to start back up. The lyrics were perfect and catchy. It was then straight into Shape Of My Heart. This is a toe-tapping song which has an infectious chorus. The vocals were just wonderful and pleasing to the ear. “So how are you guys tonight, are you well? Have you guys been enjoying the acts that precede us tonight?” Charlie then mentioned to the crowd. The led into Blue Skies which was released off the prior album First Days Of Spring. The first line from this song is “This is a song for anyone with a broken heart”. Even though this is a sad song lyrics wise it is mellowing at the same time. “We’re now going to do a slight reworking of a song of ours called Old Joy. And if you’re familiar with the chorus feel free to join in” Charlie then said before launching into Old Joy. This was both played at a slower pace and was also softer/ quieter. What stood out for me was the tight harmonising throughout the chorus. Old Joy is in a way the next single as it had been put forward to be part of the Secret 7’s project. Our Window was a slow song. I really like some of the lyrics and it sampled some of Blue Skies. It was then onto Wild Thing which was offered as a free download before Last Night On Earth was released last year. I have only heard it live only the once but it has grown on me. Wild Thing was a laid back song which was delivered at a steady pace. “Now we’re going to try something incredibly daring” Charlie said before mentioning that Tom was going to another dimension. Basically Tom was displayed on the screen with an orchestra. It was clear to see that Tom was transported back in time as what was being shown was in black and white. Love Of An Orchestra got a marvellous response from the audience and it is incredibly catchy. A line from the song is “I’ve got songs in my blood” and that line is very true. This has to be my favourite track from First Days Of Spring. “This is a very exciting night for us. This is officially the last headline show of this album era. It’s a very exciting place to end this. So thankyou so much for being here” Fink said to the sold out crowd. Tonight’s The Kind Of Night sounded more pop than folk and it was a right cracker. They just breezed through the song and you can also picture the story behind the song through the lyrics. It was then onto 5 Years Time. This song oozed fun and Charlie made full use of the stage and the steps (which he stood on from time to time). During the song Fink introduced the crowd to the rest of the band. It was then onto a cover of Barracuda by John Cale. Their take on this song was rather chilled out. Jocasta was rather pacey plus it was perfectly delivered. The guitar riffs were incredible. Waiting For My Chance To Come was again extremely fast in pace. I must say that this song was incredible and one of my personal highlights from Last Night On Earth. “We only have one more song left to play. You’ve been a remarkable audience to play to” Charlie then said to the crowd. Capping off an outstanding night was L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. The song was incredibly contagious and captivates you from beginning to end. Everyone was singing along to this laid back song. Also the album Last Night On Earth is name checked during the song. Once over the band leave the stage only to return for the epic 6 minute track First Days Of Spring.


Life Is Life
Just Me Before We Met
Give It All Back
Give A Little Love
Rocks & Daggers
Shape Of My Heart
Blue Skies
Old Joy
Our Window
Wild Thing
Love Of An Orchestra
Tonight’s The Kind Of Night
5 Years Time
Waiting For My Chance To Come


First Days Of Spring

OVERALL: This was one extraordinary night. Words cannot describe how amazing Noah and the Whale were. I cannot wait till they are ready to tour the 4th album. Last Night On Earth has to be my favourite album that the band have released mainly down to the fact that it is more perkier and is full of tremendous songs. Also this evening made me witness some real raw talent and this being Rae Morris. Throughout the set I was left captivated and entranced. Now as for Bahamas I thought the set was brilliant despite them being a drummer down. I am guessing with the drummer it would be a whole new experience.


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