Fiona Bevan @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 18th April 2012

Suffolk’s very own Fiona Bevan is someone I have heard of but never have had the chance to witness live. I remember watching the Orange Unsigned Act on Channel 4 all those years ago and I was rather impressed with Bevan. The moment I knew she would be playing at The Station Sessions I knew I wanted to attend. For starters this takes place in the most unusual location plus it is raising money for charity. “Hi everybody. My name is Fiona Bevan and I’m playing here today as part of the Station Sessions Festival. So I’m going to play you a few songs” she then said to the intimate audience. The set was performed was to be a mixture of material and it opened up with Moths which taken from the 2009 album Plant Your Heart. This was a fast paced folk song which had been superbly written. “How you all doing?” Fiona then said before getting stuck into another song and this being The Machine. Now I really liked this song it was both uptempo and an upbeat chorus. I found Bevan’s vocals to be rather hypnotic and sweet at the same time. “It’s really lovely to be playing here in this beautiful cathedral of baby blue cast iron” she the said before playing A Broken Heart Can Heal. “It’s a true story about broken hearts healing” Bevan then said before the song. I actually found this song to be rather jolly and slightly infectious as well. A Broken Heart Can Heal was one beautiful song which I completely adored. It was then onto another true story and this being Dial D For Denial. This was a brilliant number, and was a semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition last year. It was played at a fast pace and the vocals were sickly sweet. “I’m going to play a song called Pirates & Diamonds which is about live and money and pirates and ships” Bevan then said to the audience. I really liked Pirates & Diamonds the vocals were very dreamy and rather catchy as well. “I’m going to do one more song and it’s with an ukulele” Fiona said before ending with Slo Mo Tiger Glow. “It’s about waking up next to someone lovely”. This fast paced folk song ended what was an incredible 6 song set. One lyric was “I don’t want this to be over” and that is how I felt. I could easily listen to Fiona Bevan all day.


The Machine
A Broken Heart Can Heal
Dial D For Denial
Pirates & Diamonds
Slo Mo Tiger Glow

OVERALL: This short set was a combination of material from Plant Your Heart, One Taste Collective Vol 2 current EP Us & The Darkeness. Fiona Bevan is a folk princess who sings like Paloma Faith and talks like Kate Nash. Bevan is one talented singer songwriter and what was sung showed that. Even though this dreamy set was rather short I was left entranced.


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