Sylver Tongue @ The Shacklewell Arms 14th April 2012

Sylver Tongue is the brand new project by the marvel that is Charlotte Hatherley. If you don’t know who she is Hatherley was part of the band Ash, has played with both Bat For Lashes and KT Tunstall ad she has had a solo career. Sylver Tongue are an upcoming band with just two songs to their name (this being Hook You Up and forthcoming single Creatures). Also they have been receiving praise from the likes of NME. This band has what it takes to make waves in the music industry. When more material is released into the public domain that is when they will gain more fans. Even though Sylver Tongue weren’t headlining, they were the main reason why I attended. This evening took place at The Shacklewell Arms which was located in Dalston. Once I was there I went inside the venue where I waited until the band took to the stage at 9.20pm. “Good Evening” Hatherley said before getting stuck into Moments. For this song Charlotte mainly played the keyboard that was right in front her. It had an electro feel and the lyrics gelled together perfectly to the gentle melody. This song was delivered powerfully. Straight after it was then onto Something Big which again is mainly keys influenced until the very end where Hatherley played the guitar. Something Big is a song which offers plenty of promise. Perhaps single worthy? This track reminded me of Ladyhawke and the melody was very entrancing. Tender Gravity was the next song to be showcased and I found this to be rather dreamy. This number was rather synthy and the vocals were delivered ever so strongly. What followed next was the forthcoming single Creatures. This song is a grower and it is one that showcased Hatherley’s phenomenal guitar playing skills. Charlotte powered through this song at ease. “Thankyou very much, this is the last song” Hatherley then said to the audience. The track which capped off a wonderful set was the hypnotic Hook You Up. This again was another dreamy song. The melody was light and mesmerising at the same time.


Something Big
Tender Gravity
Hook You Up

OVERALL: It may have been a short but sweet set but Charlotte Hatherley is onto a winner. The songs that were performed during the 20 minute slot were pure class and extremely different from what I expected. When I saw Sylver Tongue for the first time back in March I expected to hear guitar based songs (Charlotte is a phenomenal guitar player). Each song which was performed on this night at The Shacklewell Arms was perfect and I long to hear more brand new tracks.


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