Katie Sky @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 12th April 2012

Beautiful Bristolian Katie Sky took part in something rather surreal. This was the Station Sessions which is a festival which spans over a number of weeks and takes place in the heart of Kings Cross St Pancras. I myself have attended a few of these sessions and it is an experience you will never forget. The reason I turned up for this session was because of Katie Sky who I have been a fan of for quite a while. She first came to my attention as Lauren Aquilina duetted with Katie on their own outstanding take on Aloe Blacc’s I Need A Dollar (which was then uploaded to Sky’s very own Youtube channel). Aside from all that I was rather excited to witness a set which had been stripped down. Currently signed to LAB Records this was to be a showcase of material from the début EP Paradise which was released last December. “Hello everybody” Katie said before playing the chilled put Paradise. This catchy number is very upbeat and Katie’s vocals were soft/ gentle. “This is the Station Sessions festival and if you haven’t been here before it’s an incredible idea isn’t it? We’re raising money for the Princes Trust Music Charity. So please donate generously” Katie then said to the intimate audience before getting stuck into another track from the debut EP and this being Right Words. I found this track to be rather sleek and it was delivered to perfection at the same time. Some people may be able to relate to the lyrics. I found its melody to be rather upbeat. “My name is Katie Sky. I’ve got a Youtube page and Facebook and Twitter. Please say hello. This next one is from my EP again and it’s called Run and it’s a bit more funky. I think this is the one I enjoy performing the most” Sky then said before launching into the said song. This was yet again another classic Katie Sky song. Yes Run was funky and it was different compared to Right Words and Paradise. “It’s brilliant to be here at the Station Sessions festival. Thankyou for sticking around and listening to me” and what followed was an outstanding take on Ollie Murs’s Heart Skips A Beat. This song had a reggae feel to it and Sky made it her own. Like all of Katie’s Youtube covers this take on this song was extraordinary. It definitely went down well with the audience. “This next one is a little bit more chilled actually. This is the first song that I ever wrote and I was about 14 I think. But I haven’t changed it since then” Sky said before introducing the next song Me 4 Me. The fact Katie wrote this at 14 and the fact it hasn’t changed makes her a lyrical genius. It may be slightly slushy lyrics wise but I was left entranced from beginning to end. “This is the very very last song that I’m going to do for you guys today. Thankyou all for standing and watching me” Katie said before ending with her single Sweet Sweet Melody. This song is a slice of infectious pop music. It was sheer perfection and even though it had been stripped back it still sounded incredible. Katie Sky’s vocals are breathtaking and Sweet Sweet Melody is a song you cant help but fall in love with.


Right Words
Heart Skips A Beat
Me 4 Me
Sweet Sweet Melody


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