Jess Morgan @ The Lock Tavern 12th April 2012

Taking place at Camden’s Lock Tavern was a free evening that had been put on by the fantastic record label Young And Lost Club. The main reason I attended was to see the phenomenal Jess Morgan. Having embarked on the Aye Me tour at the end of March has seen Morgan perform at venues all across England. Last month saw the release of the 2nd full length LP ‘Aye Me’ which was funded through Pledge Music. For those that don’t know Pledge Music is a way to get the fans involved. Basically you can pledge towards exclusive goodies and at the end of it you’ve contributed to that release. Now Jess Morgan is one incredible singer songwriter and the material that is under her belt is pure class. If Folk/ Country music is your thing then Jess Morgan is someone you will fully adore. This was the first time I attended one of her gigs and I was rather impressed with what was sung. “Hi, My name is Jess Morgan. I learnt today what a hipster is” Morgan then said to the intimate audience the moment she took to the small stage. Opening up the short but sweet slot was the infectious Well Dressed Fellas. I really liked the storytelling lyrics which spoke about naivety, deception and false promises. The Country vibe oozed from this wonderful song. Morgan’s vocals were extremely distinctive and the lyrics were fantastic. I really liked its pacey punchy chorus where Jess mentions that “Well Dressed Fellas Are Rotten To The Core”. It was then onto Workhouse which was a mellowing song. This steady pace track was entrancing and it went down well with the audience. “This song is a little bit more about the country” Morgan then said to the audience when introducing the next song as Eels. This was taken from her debut LP All Swell. Yet again this showcased off her extraordinary song writing skills. Eels was a steady paced song which was delivered to perfection. “Are you having a good time?” Jess said to the audience. I was most definitely having a good time. Since I’ve Known You was a more light-hearted, breezy number which was rather pacey. “This is a song about a place in America called Connecticut” Morgan then said to the audience. This song being Connecticut and I especially liked its lyrics because you can picture it in your head. This track was mellowing and it was slightly humorous as well. “I’m just going to do one more. Thanks for having me” Jess said before ending the captivating set with The Most Of All.


Well Dressed Fellas
Since I’ve Known You
The Most Of All

OVERALL: There is no doubt in my mind that Jess Morgan is one talented individual. Not only is she an incredible singer but she is a fine lyricist. That gets major points in my book. Artists who write original material are the ones that really deserve to go far in the music industry. Jess has been in this industry for about 3 years and with the help of Pledge Music has seen the release of 2nd album Aye Me. Now I pledged on that album and honestly it is a right belter. Every single song is amazing and just seeing her showcase 5 of these songs was an experience (mainly because they were stripped back).

I’m looking forward to the next time she plays London.


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