Ren Harvieu @ Bush Hall 11th April 2012

It is always difficult to judge what time to turn up to a gig especially if you love the artists music. I arrive at 5.30pm, 2 hours before doors. With the fact it was sold out did make me wonder if there may be people already there. I was proved wrong as only one fan was outside the venue. Fortunately I knew him so the time waiting did go by fast. The majority of people arrived 30 minutes prior to doors. The doors then opened and people started making their way inside. There were only two support acts and these being talented singer/ songwriter Danny Roberts whom sang fascinating country music. Second on the night were the 4 piece Fossil Collective who were rather impressive. Even though it was sold out I found the audience to be rather laid back.

Salford born Ren Harvieu has something extremely special and it is a miracle she is still performing. For those who don’t know Harvieu suffered a horrific freak accident last May which resulted in two broken vertebrae which were sticking out of her clothes. She was rushed to hospital and had the worst injury in the specialist ward. The chances of Ren walking again were 1/10 but aided with a cane Ren Harvieu defied those odds. Just knowing what she went though makes my blood run cold. With willpower Harvieu delivers startling performances which shows that she is the next big thing. There is no doubt in my mind that she will make a full recovery. This evening was the 2nd time I had witnessed the majestic Ren Harvieu and yet again I was lost for words. Unfortunately the début album Through The Night has been pushed back yet again and will be unleashed on 7th May.

What was performed was a 10 track set and 8 of those songs feature on that forthcoming album. At 9.45pm the band took to the stage and got stuck into Trust In Me. This song does not appear on the album and I am guessing it only served as an introduction. It was then onto the current single Through The Night. Unfortunately Ed Hardcourt did not make an appearance. Through The Night sounded outstanding, the lyrics were luscious and there was a jazz vibe to this song. “Thanks for coming to see me, I’m going to do a couple of tunes for you” Harvieu said before Tonight. I was taken aback with how powerful the vocals were. Tonight was smothered with Soul plus there was a hint of Jazz. I stood in awe watching Harvieu give this song her all. “Alright this next song is called Walking In The Rain” Ren mentioned to the audience. Walking In The Rain was extremely smooth and had a gentle melody. “The next song is about feeling paranoid” she then said before introducing the next song For You. Harvieu belted this track out at ease. The melody was deliciously dark. Next was Summer Romance which was a song I had never heard before. Harvieu then realised she had missed Forever In Blue and the band start to play that instead. Forever In Blue was one brilliant song. Ren’s smooth Jazz/ Soulful vocals were enough to give me shivers. It was then onto Summer Romance and I found this track to be rather light. The band then left the stage once Summer Romance was over, leaving Harvieu by herself for something remarkable. This being her own take on Roy Orbison’s Crying. This was an a capella take on the song and it left me speechless. It was both entrancing and hypnotic. The vocals were truly outstanding and Harvieu delivered every single note ease. The penultimate song was yet another new one and this being Holding On. I rather liked this laid back track and I look forward to the actually studio version. “This is the new single which is out on the 23rd April and it’s called Open Up Your Arms. And you’ve been a lovely audience as well” Ren went onto say before ending this spectacular evening with the upbeat Open Up Your Arms.


Trust In Me
Through The Night
Walking In The Rain
For You
Forever In Blue
Summer Romance
Holding On
Open Up Your Arms

OVERALL: Ren Harvieu has something really special. You can’t help but be entranced. This was one outstanding evening and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of début album Through The Night.


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