Sylver Tongue @ Old Blue Last 30th March 2012

Sylver Tongue are a band I know fairly little about. All I knew prior to this gig was that the marvel that is Charlotte Hatherley was part of this group and also I had heard the single Hook You Up. Now I love Hatherley’s music after following her solo career since Grey Will Fade. Also Charlotte has paired up with KT Tunstall and more recently she got back together with Ash for the Free All Angels tour. Basically Charlotte was the main reason I wanted to attend. So at 6pm I then started to make my way to the venue and I eventually arrived at 7.30pm. Doors were billed to open at 8 but opened 30 minutes late. Once opened the opening band started their 5 song set rather promptly. This band were 3 piece Victories Of Sea whom literally blew me away. Their material that they showcased was extremely heavy and powerful as well. Hatherley and the rest of her band took to the stage around 9.45pm. What was to follow was a 5 track set which showcased some of the bands material. It was actually rather surreal seeing Charlotte play in a venue so small. All the gigs at Old Blue Last always happen upstairs. Still her new project is very different compared to what she has done in the past. For starters the songs sounded very electro. It was actually strange seeing Hatherley on keys as she is an extraordinary guitar player. Every track sounded extremely promising and I look forward to seeing Sylver Tongue play again. The only song titles I know were Something Big and current single Hook You Up. Charlotte only played the guitar on 2 of the songs.

OVERALL: Fantastic evening. Charlotte has started something extremely special and has taken a step in a direction I wouldn’t have thought. Still the vocals were extremely entrancing and I look forward for any future releases by this band.

Whereas all of the songs were fantastic I advise you to watch the video for Hook You Up (above). This evening the vocals were ever so dreamy. The set may have been short but I am counting down the days until I see them perform live next.


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