Elissa Franceschi @ The Regal Room 29th March 2012

Taking place at The Regal Room were The Mixtape Sessions. This pub is basically situated upstairs at Hammersmith’s The Distillers Pub. This venue is partnered with The Bedford in Balham given the fact they stream every music even live on the internet. I found this upstairs bar to be extremely small compared to The Bedford and at a guess I would say it could hold a maximum of 100 people. My main purpose of this visit was to see the extremely talented Elissa Franceschi whom I previously saw the week before. Unlike last time this set was completely different. Yes the songs which were performed may have been exactly the same as the prior week but this set made me see Elissa in a brand new light. “So normally we’re a 7 piece band, it’s just the 4 of us tonight” Franceschi mentioned to the intimate audience before introducing Jess, Vanessa and Andy. The stunning 6 song set opened up with First Week Of June. The one difference about this evening was the fact it was fully acoustic. Elissa was on the keyboard singing this wonderful song. The vocals were extremely powerful and I found this number to be rather mellow. “This next one, we’ve got a music video coming out for it at the end of April which I filmed up in Newcastle” Elissa said to the audience before introducing the next song as Becoming The Enemy. I found this track to be rather unique and the fact it was acoustic made it softer. Francheschi’s vocals basically gave me goosebumps. Honestly this is one fantastic song and I look forward to seeing the music video which accompanies it. “This next song is a duet that I do with my brother who is currently on tour” Elissa said before revealing they are working towards a single release in the Summer. The song was Salt and on the album Into The Light her brother Josh Franceschi (You Me at Six) takes part in this duet. This was another stunning song which was extremely soothing. I found it to be rather beautiful and the vocals were soft. “I think this song is about when you realise that maybe the person that you love is kind of coming to an end. So we’ve got the melting rainbow and the colours etc and the fire” Franceschi told the audience when trying to explain what Rainbow On Fire was about. Elissa delivered this entrancing/ moving song to perfection. Rainbow On Fire sent chills up my spine. “I thought I would play a new song which is always a bit risky. Especially when I finish writing it today at work” Franceschi then said before revealing it came after a 6 month writers block. Oceans was yet another brilliant song which captivated me from the very start. This song which was posted up on Facebook on the Wednesday has already been reworked and had a different chorus. The lyrics were very powerful and extremely emotional. “Thankyou very much you’ve been a really lovely audience. It’s always a real pleasure for all of us when we can play and it feels like it’s been percieved well” Elissa then said before rounding off this short but sweet set with Into The Light. The vocals were faultless and the harmonies were astonishing.


First Week Of June
Becoming The Enemy
Rainbow On Fire
Into The Light

OVERALL: All in all this was another fantastic set by the wonderful Elissa Franceschi. The thing I most liked was the fact I saw her from a new perspective. Yes hearing her with the full band does give the songs more oomph but just hearing her acoustic makes the songs rather laid back. Plus the vocals took centre stage. Regarding the new song Oceans, I found this to be a right cracker. Even though it was a tad emotional it was delivered superbly.

Special mention goes to Katrina who came all the way from Los Angeles to open up the evening. Her new single So Eden was released this week on Red Red Records and it also features on debut album In The Blink Of An Eye. Songs that featured in this 5 track set were Taken, If Only, Nevertowne, So Eden and the rather impressive Shame On Me. Katrina is definitely someone who has the potential to be big in the UK. I look forward to the day when I next see her live.


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