Abbie Broom @ Banquet Records 29th March 2012

Sporting a Ramones vest top and Multi Coloured Sunglasses was Suffolk’s very own Abbie Broom. The thing I like best about instores is the fact they are extremely intimate and sometimes they can be rather memorable. At the moment Broom has two releases to her name this being the Isolated EP and current single Dorothy’s Heels both which appeared on the Nigglemusic label. Her appearance actually reminded me of Frankie Sanford. “This is Chuck (her guitar), thanks for coming. I’m a bit nervous. This first song is called Pocket Change and it’s on my new record which you can buy her” Abbie then mentioned to the intimate audience. The opening number Pocket Change was a wonderful Folk song. Considering she is only 17 her vocals and guitar playing skills were stunning. I found parts of this song to be rather upbeat. It was then onto a cover on City and Colour’s The Girl. Broom’s very own take on this song was extremely unique and incredible at the same time. When the song was nearing the end the pace is kicked up a notch. “This is a song that I wrote for Father’s Day last year. I’m not as depressed as all my songs suggest by the way” Abbie told the audience. It was then onto something taken from the Isolated EP and this being its opening track 13. This was yet another sublime Folk/ Pop song. I found 13 to be a rather heartfelt song which had slightly emotional lyrics. “I’m going to do a cover of American Slang now by the Gaslight Anthem because I sang it with Brian Fallon on the Revival Tour” Abbie then said to the audience. I have not heard the original version of American Slang but she completely nailed it. “I’m going to try a totally new song that I finished writing last night next” Broom said before launching into Whisky Tears. She mentioned that she didn’t know whether to include it in the set later that evening. Abbie’s vocals were extraordinary. Even though the lyrics were slightly depressing it was delivered to complete perfection. It came as no surprise that this number achieved a resounding yes when she wanted to know whether to sing it at the Brothers & Bones gig later that evening. It was then onto an untitled song which would be sold to aid Help For Heroes. Abbie drew a blank as she could not remember its opening line. “This song’s called Dorothy’s Heels and is the single of that record there” Abbie then went to say pointing at her 7” single. Dorothy’s Heels had a rampant pace and the lyrics were simply amazing. “Thanks for coming and everything. Sorry I’m awkward and shy” Broom told the audience before launching into the Untitled song. I really liked this track and you can clearly picture an image in your head. I look forward to hearing the studio version. Plus I am intrigued to see what its title will be. All I know for sure it won’t be Fairylights.


Pocket Change
The Girl
American Slang
Whisky Tears
Dorothy’s Heels

OVERALL: This was yet another superb instore which Banquet Records hosted. The closest people I would compare her to are both Gabrielle Aplin and Kate McGill. I completely understand why she was nervous but Abbie Broom pulled it out of the hat and delivered a 7 song set with plenty of gutso and passion.

She is definitely one to look out for.


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