Alpines @ Ridley Road Market Bar 28th March 2012

Fresh from having supported Florence + The Machine at Alexandra Palace, Alpines played a support slot at Dalston’s Ridley Road Market Bar. This band consist of both Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson. Even though I love this duo I reckon they have peaked too soon. Alpines definitely have massive potential to headline their own show and I am guessing as soon as that début album is released that is when you will get the headline slots. When I heard that they were to play a free set I knew I had to attend. This duo have something extremely special and I was well and truly gutted they supported Florence on the one date I wasn’t attending. I arrived at 7.30 sat down and watched them sound check. At that very time Catherine was singing Drive. Once that was over and done with it was then onto a 90 minute DJ slot. On the decks was Miles from the brilliant band Theme Park. Fast forward to 9pm the floor was packed with people. There was no stage whatsoever which did seem rather surreal as when Catherine was singing she was extremely close to me and everyone else at the front. “Good evening everyone, we’re Alpines. How you doing” Pockson said to the rather tight audience before getting stuck into Drive. This number featured on the Night Drive EP. Still Catherine’s vocal range was spine tingling and this steady paced upbeat track was delivered to perfection. I picked up on plenty of energy and passion. “This isn’t a usual set for us, we’re quite stripped back” Catherine then mentioned to the audience before going into Fossilised. I found this song to be rather smooth with parts which were extremely strong. “Does anyone feel like their in the Caribbean. We’re wearing Hawaiian shirts which is very like not Alpines to be honest” Pockson said to the crowd before promoting the current iTunes single Gold. Ice & Arrows was the next number to feature in this wonderful set. Still this was one extraordinary song and its lyrics were brilliant. Empire was next. This song had a beat to it and Pockson’s vocals were extremely soulful. I would say this was a Power Pop song which Catherine delivered with every ounce of energy. Lights ended what was a fabulous short but sweet set. This number is more of a beautiful ballad which showcased Pockson’s incredible vocal range. Actually this track gave me goosebumps. When the drums kicked in that’s when Lights gained a lot of power.


Ice & Arrows

OVERALL: This may have been a short set but what I witnessed was something well and truly incredible. I for one cannot wait for a full length album by this band because it would be outstanding. Once this 5 song set ended I left the bar on a high. Alpines gave it plenty of gutso and they get better every time I see them live. I’m looking forward to the day they next play in London.


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