The Glass Child @ Proud 18th March 2012

The Glass Child are my favourite new band at the moment. This group is fronted by the adorable Swede Charlotte Eriksson who moved to London (on her own) a year and a bit ago to give her life to music. She also has her own record label “Broken Glass Records” and produced her début self titled EP last May. The end of last year saw the release of follow up EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made which is highly addictive. The Glass Child’s genre is a combination of Pop and Rock. If I were to find a band similar to them I would have to say Paramore (Hayley Williams) or Versaemerge. The Glass Child were in fact recommended to me by Charlotte herself. I then listened to the material and fell in love with it. The songs just clicked with me straight away. This evening was actually an all day event taking place at the Proud Galleries in Camden. I arrived around 4.30pm as Eriksson mentioned that she would be on at 5pm.

Things started with Tell The World. This song saw Charlotte telling the world that she is still alive. Tell The World had a rampant powerful chorus and plenty of energy flowed from it. I found this number to be rather amazing and infectious at the same time. Immediately after it was onto Insanity which features on the 2nd EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made. This song started off at a steady pace but as soon as Charlotte reached the chorus the song became more powerful and rather pacey. Insanity reminded me of Addicted by Kelly Clarkson. “Thankyou for listening. My name is Charlotte and we’re The Glass Child” Eriksson said before getting stuck into the wonderful oldie I’m Hidden So Well. The Alternative Rock vibe was still there and the chorus was extremely powerful. I’m Hidden So Well was taken from the début EP Charlotte Eriksson. “This show is the 1st show of my UK tour. In September last year I released a charity single for a Swedish cancer organisation to support young victims of the disease” Charlotte then said to the audience before getting stuck into the lovely I Will Lead You Home. The Swedish Cancer Organisation was Ung Cancer and what was made was an emotional ballad which reached #2 in the Swedish iTunes chart. For this song Charlotte was sitting down on a foot stool playing this lovely song on her acoustic guitar.

“Last year I went to New York for the first time to play my first show. So I played the show and went back to the hotel and wrote this song” Eriksson said to the intimate audience. This then resulted in a brand new song Let Down. This was one fantastic acoustic song. I really liked this track even though the lyrics weren’t happy ones. You picked up on the feeling of not being good enough and not wanting to be a let down. It was then onto Hypnic Jerk. Charlotte’s vocals were faultless and this is the only ballad that features on the new EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made. There was a tinge of sadness to this song. “It’s Mothers Day right? I thought I would sing a song to my mum” Charlotte said before putting her own spin on Perfect. Now I love Simple Plan and Eriksson made this song her own. Perfect was a beautiful song which had a dash of emotional as the lyrics are basically saying I’m Not Perfect. Every shred of energy was put into this performance of this song. Charlotte then capped things off with a full blown band version of power pop song Best Part Of Me. This song was very upbeat and extremely infectious. My favourite part had to be the amazing chorus.


Tell The World
I’m Hidden So Well
I Will Lead You Home
Let Down
Hypnic Jerk
Best Part Of Me

OVERALL: The Tell The World tour kicked off with an amazing 8 track set which was well and truly superb. This band deserve every single bit of success as possible and you can even donate money to fund the band (for the spring tour, equipment, studio time and printing of physical copies of the début full length CD). Regarding the set that was played I rather liked the acoustic part of it and the Simple Plan cover was sublime. One line in new song Let Down was “Failure scares the hell out of me”. Judging this set Charlotte will never be a failure.

Go to for more and you can even hear the material for yourself.


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