The All American Rejects @ The Garage 15th March 2012

The All American Rejects are a band that I adore. Ever since I heard Swing Swing featured in American Wedding I have literally been hooked. The band consisted of Tyson Ritter, Nick Wheeler, Mike Kennerty, Chris Gaylor and another two members. Even though I have been a fan since the very start this was the first time I had witnessed them live. I was set to lose my All American Rejects virginity and what a spectacle it was. When this show was confirmed I knew I had to attend. The tickets went on sale on a Friday (there was no presale) at 10am which was strange considering most events go on sale at 9. I then was lucky enough to snap up a ticket. Once the day finally came I decided to arrive outside The Garage at 12.30pm. I had nothing to base my arrival on apart from my love of the band. Only 3 people were there queuing which made my decision rather wise. Fast forward to when the doors opened. Once our tickets were scanned everyone was ushered into the bar as they weren’t ready. This was slightly annoying as when the main doors were open everyone could trickle into the venue. I then managed to get to the barrier where I stayed till the very end of the concert. Literally I was buzzing. The All American Rejects are a combination of Pop and Rock and also have 3 amazing albums under their belts. The 4th album Kids In The Street is set to come out this month. This show could have been a showcase previewing material from the forthcoming album or it could have been a warm up show (as they are supporting Blink 182). The band made their entrance and launched into One More Sad Song which was taken from the début self titled album in 2003. This song was rather pacey and also very guitar heavy. The lyrics were extremely infectious and had most of the crowd singing along to them. It was then onto an anthem from the Move Along record and this being Dirty Little Secret. This song was a right crowd pleaser. The lyrics were catchy and it also had a furious pace. “We are The All American Rejects everybody. We got some singers out there. I gotta sing for the next hour and a half you guys wanna sing it more times than me tonight?” Tyson said to the crowd before getting them worked up. It was then onto My Paper Heart and this song was very pop. Tyson’s vocals reminded me a lot of Tom DeLonge from Blink 182. It was then onto I Wanna from the 3rd album When The World Comes Down. The lyrics were highly contagious and resulted in a massive sing along. The chorus was the best part of this song and it oozed plenty of energy as well. “How you feeling out there? I tell you what, it feels good” Tyson said before saying being away for 3 years was too long. “This is our first song off that record, it’s about this poisonous bitch that sucked all the life out of our body” Ritter went onto say before getting stuck into Someday’s Gone. I am actually really intrigued to hear this new record as it is completely different compared to material from the 1st 3 LPs. Someday’s Gone went down went with the crowd but for me it didn’t have that something that would captivate me. Immediately after it was onto the powerful Swing Swing. I adore this song it is the track that brought The All American Rejects to my attention. “10 years ago we wrote that shit on a swing didn’t we” Tyson said as soon as that amazing song was over. Honestly I cannot believe it has been 10 years. Time has just flown by.

It was then onto a section of the gig which was dedicated to new songs off of Kids In The Street. “It’s about this trip I went on, I went on this crazy trip when we got off the road for this last record” Ritter said before the new single Beekeeper’s Daughter. I found this song to be rather upbeat and powerful. Walk Over Me was next and this song was rather pacey. Straight after it was Out The Door which had a upbeat steady pace and was delivered faultlessly. This section of new songs ended with Fast & Slow. “We’re going to wind it down a little bit. It’s a song about heartbreak and wanting to kill your best friend” Tyson said before singing emotional ballad It Ends Tonight. This was the 3rd single to be taken from album Move Along and turned out to be a massive sing along. I found this song to be rather entrancing and it was a personal favourite of mine. Things came to a close with Move Along which was a favourite with the crowd. This was another catchy pop/ rock song which was delivered to perfection. The crowd atmosphere was electric. “Thankyou everyone, you guys have a great evening” Ritter told the crowd before they left the stage. There were then chants for more which resulted in them re emerging. “I’ve been so god damn nervous and I don’t even know why” Tyson said before singing an acoustic song about London which was made up right on the spot. It was then onto brand new song Bleed Into Your Mind and Ritter was on acoustic guitar for this one. This song was rather upbeat. “This song is about that reckless abandon you get when you’re a kid” Tyson said before launching into the self titled track to the new album. Kids In The Street was a power pop song which sounded incredible live. Everyone around me was dancing about to this song. Once over Tyson Ritter sang a few a capella lines of Gives You Hell. “This is a song about a moment in my life I just really love to hate” he then said before this fantastic song. Gives You Hell was a upbeat power pop/ rock track which was rather energetic. It got the crowd moving and there was slight crushing as people at the back were surging forward. This fantastic evening came to a close with the aptly titled The Last Song. This track started off slow but as soon as the drums kicked in the song became more energetic and was delivered at a furious pace.


One More Sad Song
Dirty Little Secret
My Paper Heart
I Wanna
Someday’s Gone
Swing, Swing
Beekeeper’s Daughter
Walk Over Me
Out The Door
Fast & Slow
It Ends Tonight
Move Along


Bleed Into Your Mind
Kids In The Street
Gives You Hell
The Last Song

OVERALL: This excellent evening was rather surreal. Just seeing The All American Rejects play at a 600 capacity venue is something I will never forget. Regarding the new songs I find them to be brilliant and it shows the band have matured since their first album in 2003.


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