Alice Gold @ Green Door Store 14th March 2012

Alice Gold had embarked on a whistle stop tour round the UK. After I unfortunately missed the gig at The Borderline, I then decided to attend the Brighton show. As I live in London getting to the coast is just under a 2 hour train ride and also getting home is pretty easy due to the last train being at 11.37. Putting that all aside Alice Gold was the artist I had seen the most times in 2011. The Alice gig for me was September at the Old Queens Head when her guitar string broke. What intrigued me most about this tour was the fact it was stripped down. Alice told the audience the real meaning behind the stripped down tour during her set. Now people didn’t start to turn up nearer the time doors opened. I had reached the venue around 3pm and then waited until the doors did open. As the Green Door Store is also a bar the doors to the public then opened at 5pm. So I went inside in the warmth and sat down for 2 hours. At 7.30pm the curtain finally opened and people then could enter the cellar like venue. Actually for the support acts there weren’t as many people in the room which was a shame because these 3 acts couldn’t be more different. Kicking the evening off were The Gypsy Switch who have an EP coming out very soon. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this talented Brighton based band. Second on the night was Remi Miles who was simply amazing. His vocals were so smooth and soothing. One of my favourite track from the set being Satellite City. The Common Tongues were the last support act. I would love to see this 5 piece Brighton based band again. The genre of music that they sung was folk and I see them as a brand new Mumford & Sons.

Around 9.40pm Alice Gold took to the stage. With no set list it was hard to distinguish where the new songs were going to appear during the performance. The performance kicked off with a brand new track and this being When Ur Day Is Done. Alice took to the stage with a tambourine. This was a fantastic song and it sticks to the same formula. Gold’s vocals were extraordinary and you could clearly tell that she was putting every ounce of energy into this powerful performance of this song. I definitely look forward to hearing the mastered version when Alice does get round to recording it. After there was plenty of applause it was then onto tracks which featured on début album Seven Rainbows. How Long Have These Streets Been Empty? then followed on. Gold took to her electric guitar and started singing this upbeat and infectious song. It was then into Fairweather Friend which was delivered at a rampant pace. This was an upbeat song which was delivered strongly. “Hey how are you doing? Is everyone well? What a nice little venue this is. I love it, it’s the first time I’ve been hidden away under the arches” Alice said before launching into Conversations Of Love. This was a strong song which oozed plenty of energy. I especially liked the middle 8. “We had 5 days up North last week which was nice. It was a bit colder, but it’s nice to be back down South to see you all” Alice said before getting stuck into something completely different. And You’ll Be There which features on Seven Rainbows is more of a ballad. The chorus was very mellowing and the use of the band gave it that extra something. “I’ve done it again haven’t I. Thing is about being on tour is you gotta write a set list every night but I did it last night and they keep getting taken. So I keep forgetting to write one” Alice said before getting stuck into her oldest friend Seasons Change which had to be the opening track to Seven Rainbows. Gold belted out this amazing song at ease. “So I called this the stripped down tour. I guess people might have been expecting me to be playing solo but I guess I called it that to just get on the road as simply as possible” Alice said before introducing the two other members of her talented band. Initially I was one of those people hoping on an Alice solo tour but I totally get why she called this the Stripped down tour. “I wanted to come out and play to you a few new songs I’ve been writing as well. I don’t want to rush my next album, it took me a while to get all of the songs for Seven Rainbows. I’m not a commercial pressure label artist. I’m gonna take my time” Gold said before going into Playing With Fire. This song was simply spine tingling and it was belted out at ease. I have only heard this song live once before but this was the first time I had heard it with a backing band. Now that gave it that extra something which made it extremely powerful. Playing With Fire has to feature on the untitled sophomore EP and I won’t be surprised if it’s the first single to be taken from it. After a bit of anti set list conferring it was then onto Cry Cry Cry. This song was both beautiful and amazing. Cry Cry Cry was rather upbeat and infectious at the same time. The lyrics were extremely straight and simple. “I’m going to play another new one if that’s alright” Gold said before playing Don’t Get Used To Living Without Love which was written for a couple of her single mates. This excellent song was very upbeat and it was rather energetic. I found the iTunes only track Before was both gentle and entrancing. I found the melody to be rather light and easy on the ear. “Are we feeling like going abroad?” Alice said before getting stuck into the upbeat Runaway Love which was the penultimate song of the set. “This our last song. Thankyou so much for being a wicked crowd. It’s been a pleasure to play at the Green Stage Door. It is confusing isn’t it” Gold said before ending the night with the high octane début single Orbiter. This powerful song oozed energy and it was breezed through at ease. Alice had no problems hitting the high notes. Once over the band left the stage and cheers for more followed. The night was then capped off with a brand new solo new Alice Gold song and this being Heart On My Sleeve. This lovely song was extremely mesmerising and was delivered perfectly. Heart On My Sleeve was rather gentle and I look forward to hearing it live again.


When Ur Day Is Done
How Long Have These Streets Been Empty?
Fairweather Friend
Conversations Of Love
And You’ll Be There
Seasons Change
Playing With Fire
Cry Cry Cry
Don’t Get To Used To Living Without Love
Runaway Love


Heart On My Sleeve

OVERALL: As expected Alice was stunning. Her vocal performance left me speechless and she can belt out amazing songs at ease. There are comparisons to Coco Sumner (I Blame Coco) but that is only down to Gold’s husky vocals. As for the new songs there is only one word to describe them and that is AMAZING. After meeting Alice after the gig she mentioned that she hopes to have a single out early 2013. By next year Gold could have an album worth of crackers but based on what was sung I reckon Playing With Fire would be the stand out track. Regarding Heart On My Sleeve this was a entrancing song but I am guessing by the time it does get mastered it will be a full blown band version.

As for the support acts all I can say is they were highly talented and I will most definitely keep tabs on them in the future.


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