Scarlette Fever @ Floriditas 6th March 2012

This was the first time I witnessed Scarlette Fever play and to be honest I was left blown away with what was played on the night. Floriditas is a venue I had never been to before. Initially I had thought maybe it would be like Cargo have the venue and dining area separately but that wasn’t the case. Once inside the music was to take place on the ground floor. So I went down the staircase to see lots of tables laid out and the stage in the middle. The evening had a sing for your supper feel to it. When I had reached downstairs I just stood in the corner waiting for Scarlette Fever to kick off the set. Even though this was a band the lead singer is Karen Louise Barrow. As 7.45pm arrived the band then took to the stage. “Thanks for being here with us tonight, if you have some Maracas or you have a Tambourine please do join in” Karen said before getting stuck into the first song of the night. Opener Black & White was a Power Pop song with a heavy chorus which oozed plenty of energy. Plus this song was very infectious at the same time. Immediately after it was onto Crash & Burn. The lyrics were extremely luscious and highly contagious as well. This was a Power Pop anthem with a wonderful chorus. Elated was the next song on the night and this had a completely different style compared to the opening numbers. For starters this was a beautiful ballad which was both soft, gentle and soothing at the same time. This was a song about growing up. Single White Female was played straight after. This song had a steady pace and Karen’s vocals were superb. After this faultless song it was onto something extremely special and this being You And I which was made famous by Lady Gaga. Karen was on the her acoustic guitar for this song and vocally this take on this song was superb. Ending the short set was Hour Of Sunshine. This song had a country vibe to it plus at the same time it was rather upbeat.


Black & White
Crash & Burn
Single White Female
You And I
Hour Of Sunshine

OVERALL: Enjoyable evening and definitely not the last time I see Scarlette Fever live. The songs performed on the night were superb. Now I am a huge fan of Medication Time and just witnessing these songs live was something extremely incredible. Plus the cover of You And I was simply WOW. Now the genre I would place Scarlette Fever in would be the Pop category. Both Black & White and Crash & Burn (which were both singles) were highly infectious where as Elated shows that Karen can deliver the ballads beautifully. Finally Single White Female sounded incredible live and Hour Of Sunshine makes me look forward to the Great Expectations EP.


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