Ladyhawke @ Koko 4th March 2012

New Zealand born Pip Brown is Ladyhawke and is an artist whom means a lot to me. In fact the 100 Club show at the end of last year was the gig I most wanted to attended and I was extremely lucky to meet her after as well (I was mega shy as I have been a fan since 2008). I am ever so thankful that my friend purchased another ticket on the off chance that I may of missed out. Since then Pip mentioned she would be coming back to the UK to tour at the beginning of the year but nothing materialised. The Anxiety tour was then confirmed for the end of April and beginning of May. This was to coincide with the release of the Anxiety album which was due out on 19th March. I then purchased tickets for Komedia in Brighton and the London Shepherd’s Bush Empire dates. The best things about these two gigs were that they were the opening gig and the London date was the last stop of the Anxiety tour. February saw the release of the first single from Anxiety and this being Black, White & Blue. Rough Trade East were selling a limited edition vinyl of the song to coincide with the instore appearance on the day of release. To be honest I was extremely gutted knowing that I wouldn’t be able to attend. Towards the end of February Pip announced on Facebook that she would be performing a free gig at Koko. Even though it was free you had to sign up to the mailing list and the lucky winners will get pairs of tickets. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of those lucky enough to get tickets but someone posted up a link where you could register. Straight away I snapped up 2 audience tickets. The Sunday arrived and I turned up around 7pm. The doors were listed as opening at 8.45pm. Only 2 people were there and thankfully they were friends of mine. Actually it made the waiting extremely bearable. We actually saw Pip arrive and got to say Hi which was nice especially the fact it was just us 3. Doors opened around 9.45pm and this was down to Koko Pop (the show being recorded before) over ran and it would take them an hour to change over for the next recording. This was annoying because it was freezing cold plus as it was a Sunday we did wonder if people would have enough of waiting (the last Northern Line was 11.35pm).

This short but sweet set was being recorded for The Album Chart Show. Maybe it will be broadcast nearer to the album release, who knows? When Pip took to the stage the audience erupted into applause. “Hi, Thankyou for waiting out in the cold” Brown then said to the audience before launching into Blue Eyes. Prior to the track the air conditioning came on which was slightly disappointing given that I had been waiting near enough 4 hours in the freezing cold. Blue Eyes was upbeat and showed a lot of promise of what to expect from Anxiety. This song was really infectious especially the Na Nas. It was then straight into The Quick & The Dead. It started off with a heavy drumbeat then Pip starts singing this fantastic song. At first it started off at a steady pace then the infectious chorus kicked in. I definitely see this song as single material. “This song is called Black, White & Blue” and this being the first single taken from Anxiety. Even though Black, White & Blue was extremely heavy due to the guitars/ keys/ drums the song is actually very smooth. The lyrics gel perfectly to the melody. “This song is called Sunday Drive” Pip then told the audience before launching into the said song. Sunday Drive was a power pop with wonderful verses. I look forward to having the album in my hands. “Those 4 songs are off my new album that will hopefully come out one day” Pip then said before launching into a couple of old songs. For those who are fans of Ladyhawke will know that Anxiety has been ready for quite a while. It was slated to come out at the end of 2011, it was then pushed back till March 19th now it have been delayed till May 28th. Brown has gone onto say this is like a cancer. Paris Is Burning then was the next to be played on the night and this is one infectious song. Pip wrote this song after a long weekend in Paris. The best part of this tune had to be the chorus. “Thankyou for coming and watching” Pip said before powering into My Delirium. This song oozed plenty of energy.


Blue Eyes
The Quick & The Dead
Black, White & Blue
Sunday Drive
Paris Is Burning
My Delirium

OVERALL: All in all this was an amazing night despite the late start. It is always a pleasure seeing your favourite artist perform live. From the new songs that were sung I can tell that Pip has raised her game. The Quick & The Dead, Blue Eyes and Sunday Drive are in my eyes possible singles. When it was announced that Anxiety was set to be delayed till the end of May I was disappointed as I thought it would have been release in conjunction with the tour. But as they say good things come to those who wait.


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